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Symptoms Thread 1/23/17

Last week of non-February and Labor Watch 2017 is ON!


Re: Symptoms Thread 1/23/17

  • GL @PerraSucia. Not looking forward to that headache one bit!

  • For the past week I've had almost like a stinging pain in the front of my leg, a little below my knee. It's not constant, just comes and goes randomly throughout the day. Not accompanied with any other symptoms like swelling, redness, warm to touch, etc that you would usually have with a blood clot so my MW didn't seem concerned. I really don't want to go to the ER, but at what point do I need to stop ignoring it and maybe go get it checked out?
  • I feel like my body has been "evacuating" itself for the past week. I feel gross and nauseas all the time. And the pressure/cramps is unbearable now when I stand or walk. I wish baby would get here... I know it's still early but I cant keep this up with the contractions for another 4 weeks. I'm pretty miserable.
  • @jlellis603 I have been "evacuating" this past week as well and also have about 4 weeks left. I was wondering if it was a sign. Though I had GI issues before pregnancy that have been on hiatus, so it might just be those coming back as hormones fluctuate. On the bright side, my SIL said that if your body cleans itself out right before going into labor, you'll be less likely to poop on the table. . . silver lining?

    Now my hands/arms are falling asleep/getting tingly when i sleep on my side, but that is the only way left to sleep - can't win
  • I've been having more BH contractions for the past few days - not a HUGE number, but many times a day (as opposed to once every few days like it used to be). Also been getting shooting groin pain when I walk too much or move too fast, plus the ever-present hip pain when I sleep.

    Oh, and last night I started bleeding after sex, and it seemed like an excessive amount over a period of about 20 minutes. I know that this can happen because the cervix is extra-sensitive, but it had never happened to me before last night. I called the on-call midwife, who basically said that as long as the baby was moving (he was) and it stopped within two hours (it did) then it was completely normal. But it was definitely a little disconcerting, and led to me being up way later than usual. Extra tired today.
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  • I also came down with a cold. I'm coughing, my
    lungs hurt, and my throat hurts. I'm 38.5 weeks and on maternity leave so work isn't a problem, but I just feel miserable. 
  • So I'm also starting to freak out that this baby could come late.  I'm hoping that she'll come early a little because I (and I know this is selfish) but I just don't feel like doing this anymore!!!!   Random, but I'm also having like really sore inner thighs the last week or so.  I don't know what this is about, but I feel like I've been working out my legs, which I definitely haven't.
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    @MLRocha we're due date twins, and I feel the exact same way... The thought of this going for five more weeks seems so much worse than four. I know there's a chance of going longer than 40 weeks, but I can't bring myself to think about that right now.
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  • MLRocha said:
     I had a breakdown yesterday because I feel so helpless and am slowly accepting that this is just a lesson in humility.  DH pulling my compression socks on and off all weekend was just too much for my pride.

    THIS. Add carpal tunnel to trying to get on compression socks and I nearly cry every day. 

  • @foxrosy I totally need to get some cleaning done! My nesting took another form this weekend - food prep. We now have three trays of casseroles in the freezer, and H is talking about buying a chest freezer (which he has been wanting to do anyway) before I fill our entire kitchen freezer with post-baby meals. But I keep thinking about how I NEED to clean the windows and blinds in our house. And organize the hall closet. And start washing all of the cloth diapers. And sanitizing the breast pump parts... Ugh.
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  • @madamerwin yes, my goal was to shampoo the carpet in the living room and my room today. We'll see what my back says. 
  • @foxrosy I forgot about the carpets! H is planning to rent a Rug Doctor this week...
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  • @madamerwin and @foxrosy +1 to insane nesting. I made drawer organizers for the nursery this weekend and spent the whole weekend cleaning/ orgnizing/ buying all the things. And I'm making H clean the carpets bc our dog had an accident last night. Not okay, dog!
  • ugh, my lower back has been KILLING me today, and now I'm getting a headache and hot flashes....please let this be a sign labor is near and not what I have to endure for the next two weeks :(

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  • @madamerwin I did the same thing yesterday. I made 8 meals and H wants to eat them all before baby even gets here. I'm trying to think of some more recipes to make next weekend. 

    Nesting is in full swing around the house. Everything needs to be cleaned, but I keep overdoing it and my back and hips hate me for it. My UTI pain finally went away and now I'm feeling more BH and pressure down low. I've also been having pains in my inner thighs. Usually only happens when I'm having pains in vag. Sleeping good at night is hit and miss. I guess I should just get used to it. Add me to the "I hope this doesn't go longer than 4 more weeks" club as well. 
  • Anyone else feeling nauseous after eating in their last weeks?  I'm 38 weeks Friday and this isn't just the fact that there's not much room for my stomach to expand. It feels more than that like legit nausea
  • I didn't take my diclegis last night and woke up this morning throwing up. EFF YOUUUUU morning sickness!!!
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  • @concreteangell Omg yes. The pressure is so ridiculous that I'm afraid to pee because just pushing that much makes it feel like the baby will fall out. Walking makes it feel like every step he is falling further down haha! 
  • +1 to thinking there's no way I can keep this up for another 3 weeks or more! (My first son was born at 40wks and I felt great right up to the end). This time is so different. The BH are getting more frequent, I'm out of breath walking across the room, and feeling so achy with pressure in general and pelvic pain. I couldn't get comfy enough last night & couldn't fall asleep. 
    It's best for baby to stay put a little longer though, right? 
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  • Oh man! This is my fourth pregnancy and let's just say I had it easy with my last three. This little guy is driving me crazy! I can't get a good nights sleep, my asthma is going haywire, and I have so much pressure and heaviness it's making it hard to get things done. I just want to sleep and not have heartburn! Is that too much to ask?!?
  • 38+3 today.

    Add me to evacuating as well. So much poo today. 

    Restless legs too. They ache badly at night and I'm constantly moving around because of it. Im also waking up with sore legs from the hip down. It sucks. 

    Baby dropped sometime late last week. Took a belly photo one day, looked in the mirror a couple days later and noticed my belly is now turned downwards. Yay! 

    DH and I had sex Saturday. Tons of lower belly pressure and lower back pain after the fact and regular contractions for 5-6hrs after. They stopped after eating dinner and relaxing to watch a movie. 
  • @lfrank12, not sure what might be going on with your knee or when you should go in (so not helpful at all!) but hope it feels better soon.

    @purplewriter, I really hope you feel better soon!

    @MLRocha, I'm right there with you on the cracked lips. 

    Also getting tiny but ridiculous amount of skin tags. Especially around my neck area, it looks weird. And after 2 kids without it popping and going this far into the pregnancy without it popping, my belly button finally popped. 
  • @Jab3 I've been getting lots of new skin tags too. Not sure this is recommended, but if I notice them when they're tiny, I pick them off! I don't like them one bit and hope they magically shrink away after pregnancy. Too much to hope for?
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  • Add me to the weird skin tags, sweaty in the middle of the night, and feeling done camps. I'm not a fan of being sick at 38.5 weeks. Coughing hurts. Baby is not fond of me hacking up a lung. I get kicked for it.
  • I had a dream last night that someone had stabbed me in the chest because of all the heartburn. I figured out that it creeps up on me a lot more when I sleep on my right side - which is my comfy side, go figure.

    +1 to pain where leg attaches, but more toward the back. Been nesting like crazy and it stops me in my tracks on a daily basis. So frustrating! Also, EVERYTHING is swollen. Face, neck, hands (+1 to carpal tunnel, no more knitting  :'( ), feet, just everything. I feel trapped because I am so uncomfortable but also so scared to give birth - I want it over with but I dread the final scene!!
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