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GTKY 1/23

Hey all! Sorry I didn't do last weeks GTKY! I was thinking since we already do a GTKY on Monday with the weekly PGAL Check in we could do a weekend recap thread instead. What did you do this weekend? Pregnancy related or not! :)

Re: GTKY 1/23

  • So far I have managed to keep from catching whatever horrible illness my husband has with a constant fever between 100 and 102. Man. I do not want that while prego. I hope I can still fight it. 

    Otherwise I didn't do a whole lot. Cleaned and Lysol'd the house. Haha. Filled out a USPS form to try and figure out what happened to my nursery prints. Last I heard they were stuck in shipping in Tennessee. Grr. 

    My MIL came to visit and talked to me about a baby shower she'd like to throw me. But she wants to do it three weeks before my due date, three hours away, and that makes me nervous as a FTM, being that far from my doctor only three weeks out. I'm not sure what to do. 
  • After two pretty low key weekends we had a busy one this time and, man am I exhausted! We had a 1-year old birthday party and dinner/hockey game with friends and then we saw Mamma Mia last night. We also ventured to Buy Buy Baby to check out their furniture clearance (not worth the trip) and hold a couple of the car seats I've been eyeing (totally worth the trip). How long before I don't get massively overwhelmed just by walking in that place?!?

    @HGRich - how far away is your MIL? Your doctor may not WANT you to be that far and would offer up the perfect excuse!
    *** TW**

    Me: 37, DH:39
    Met: 2002 | Married: 2004 | TTC since January 2014
    July 2015: MMC @ 9 wks | August 2015: Chemical
    March, April, May & June 2016: Medicated IUIs | BFN 
    August 2016: Started Stims 8/22
    September 2016: Egg Retrieval 9/4 | 13 Mature Eggs | 10 Fertilized | 3 Blastocytes | 1 PGS Normal Embaby 
    November 7, 2016: FET - BFP!
    EDD 7/25/17
    Zoey Alexis born 7/25/17 @ 12:39 PM | 7lbs 14oz | 19 inches
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  • @byrneme I've never been to Buy Buy Baby but there's one a half hour from my house that looks huge. 

    She lives about three hours away, but obviously longer with all the stops I'll need to take to pee and to stretch. I plan to ask my doc for sure. 
  • @HGRich sorry to hear about your husbands fever! I hope he gets better soon and you don't get it at all! We all just got over a cold at this house too. Can't your MIL have the shower close to were you live and not her? Aren't there other options? I had my shower with my daughter about a month and a half before my due date and thats about as late as I would want to have one personally. 

    @byrneme I always get a little crazy anytime I walk into BuyBuyBaby or BabiesRUs, a fun crazy though :) 

    Saturday I went to my inlaws for my MILs birthday....that was fine. Sunday my Amazon baby registry completion discount became available to use so I bought a ton of little odds and ends I needed for the baby, plus a baby carrier that I'm hoping will save my life having an infant and toddler :) AND I got a phone call that the recliner/glider I bought is being delivered Wednesday. I'm excited to start getting all these deliveries. I also finally felt it was time to take the tags off the baby clothes I bought and washed them all :) That is kinda a milestone. 
  • @bok bagok I'm the odd one out. Everyone she wants to invite lives there, and they'd all have to travel to my house which I would not be open to. She's just gonna have to move it up I think. I'm already panicked that I haven't had a shower and won't until mid February but my husband doesn't want me to buy anything until we've had showers. We have absolutely nothing and it's terrifying. 
  • @HGRich I guess it does make more sense for you to travel to her. Maybe you can sleep over the night before so it's not so much driving in one day. 
  • My husband's sister got married this weekend so it was quite full and exhausting, but for the most part it was great.  She's wonderful and so is her now husband, and they were just so happy. It was also randomly quite warm and sunny for January in Michigan so that was a nice surprise. I haven't really missed drinking since I've been pregnant but I would've been really happy to have a glass of wine or two when everyone else was drinking quite a bit!  At least I was the designated driver and we didn't have to spend money on a cab/uber or a hotel to stay near the wedding (it was only ~15 min from our house). 
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