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2nd Trimester

Has anyone heard of the "nub theory?"

At my 13 week ultrasound the technician told us about the nub theory and predicting the gender of the baby. Has anyone used or heard of this theory and was it correct for them?

Re: Has anyone heard of the "nub theory?"

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  • Yes, I've heard of it.  No, it's not accurate. 
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  • I went to a 3D ultrasound theory with my 2nd at 13 weeks- they said the way the genitals looked - more of a straight line (with another line below it) meant girl - they were right!
  • May as well flip a coin. It's not reliable. 

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  • Did you ask the technician about it or did s/he mention it first? All of my technicians have been really careful and won't even try for a guess before 19 weeks at the anatomy scan.
  • My technician brought it up at the NT ultrasound. My husband and I have never heard of the nub theory before this. She told me to Google it when I got home to see other stories and accuracy. She did say it is not always accurate but more accurate than not. So I decided to see if anyone else has had the same experience. We will be finding out the gender this week so we shall see if her prediction based on this theory is correct. 
  • Just an update....our ultrasound technician was right in predicting our gender based on the "nub theory." She confirmed it was a BOY at the anatomy scan. 
  • Congratulations! 
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