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MTHFR, high folate levels and that recent autism study

Hi ladies,

     I'm not sure where to begin with this so I'll try to keep it brief. 

     Being a bit of a hypochondriac, yesterday I stumbled on the study from last year which found a link between high folate and vitamin b12 in the blood and autism and immediately began to feel worried.   I get tons of bloodwork done each year at our community health fair,  looked back to last year's results and found I was tested for both.   Results?   Both levels were higher than the cutoffs in the study which found the risk of having a child with autism to be 17 TIMES what it is for women with normal levels.  My folate level was so high it was simply listed as " <24".

    At the time we were planning on  TTC so I was taking a prenatal vitamin already but wasn't yet pregnant.   In trying to figure out why my levels more than doubled in a year with no changes other than adding a vitamin,  I Googled,  found info on MTHFR,  remembered I'd had 23andme genetic testing done, and lo and behold,  I have a variant,  hetero C677T. 

     The next obvious step to me is to get my folate and b12 levels checked and to see if my OBGYN practice docs know anything about this.   My primary fear is that I've been at levels damaging to my child this whole time,  unbeknownst to me.  Anyone have any experience with this stuff or ideas about what to do next?  

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