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Road trip with baby

We will be taking our first road trip with our 4 month old at the end of the weeek and I'm just wondering if anyone has any advice. The trip can range from 3.5-5 hours depending on traffic. We know to stop when necessary to feed/change but I was just wondering if anyone has any advice. I'm a little nervous for our baby to be in the car for so long. Thanks!

Re: Road trip with baby

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    anngrant777anngrant777 member
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    Before you hit the road, make sure your child's car seat is installed in a proper way.  Pack plenty of water, a first-aid, a flashlight etc... Make sure not to drive more than a couple hours in one stretch. I personally often drive with my kids and I always try to find online playgrounds, parks to make stops. *Removed for TOU Violation*
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    Oh man I wish I would have seen this back in jan. We took our little guy on several road trips I have this shit down. 
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