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Has anyone had a Birth Experience at INNOVA Alexandria?

I have a high risk pregnancy due mainly to my age and past history of miscarriage.  I am currently considering delivery at INNOVA Alexandria, INNOVA Fairfax, or Medstar Georgtown.  I was leaning toward INNOVA Alexandra based on the fact they offer nitrous oxide as a pain option and they and Georgetown are the only hospitals rated as "Baby Friendly" by UNICEF which the United States only has around 400 hospitals rated that way nation wide.  I would appreciate the group's experiences with delivering at INNOVA Alexandria or INNOVA Fairfax/Medstar Georgetown?  While I would like the option of nitrous oxide I think the staff and care after/before birth are more important.  Welcome thoughts/comments.  Thank you!

Re: Has anyone had a Birth Experience at INNOVA Alexandria?

  • I had an absolutely amazing experience at INOVA Alexandria. From the intake personnel to the nurses and doctors, everyone was kind, understanding, and seemed to care deeply about the well being of your family. After birth, within 30 minutes of giving birth they helped my baby latch and they have a team of lactation consultants to help you. After birth there is a nurse and a tech who you can call at anytime and they were helpful getting me to the restroom and getting me comfortable.  I could not put into words how amazing this hospital truly is! 
  • I haven't delivered yet, but FWIW: we decided to go with Inova Fairfax partly because they have the only level 4 NICU in the area. I think Alexandria has a level 3. So far we've been to the Antenatal Testing Center at Fairfax a handful of times for tests, and recently a relative of mine was in another ward of the hospital for a week. We've had nothing but great interactions with staff, nurses, and doctors so far (again, not actually in L&D), and I really appreciate that when you walk in any door there's always someone there to answer questions, point you where you need to go, and help you get there if you need assistance. 
    Have you toured the hospitals? I found it much easier to pick between them (I was looking at different ones than you are) once I'd done that. 
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  • Loved Inova Fairfax for my first son and will return for this LO. From my first appointment until my after birth checkups everyone was amazing. Test results were available fast and someone was always available when I called. In my 34th week of pregnancy, I started to show signs of preeclampsia and my team took excellent care of me. My induction at 37 weeks failed after a very long labor and I needed a c-section due to the preeclampsia and having been in labor for so long. Even though my nurse's shift had ended she stayed with me for my c-section. I'll never forget that! 
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  • Had my baby 2 weeks ago at Fair Oaks and it was awful.  Waited for 2 hours in the waiting room when I arrived before they could get me in a room.  I had 5-6 different nurses during the 9 hours  I was in labor all of them had their own opinions and thoughts on what my labor experience should be.  They kept telling me they didn't have enough nurses and I never felt safe. Renee was the most amazing nurse but she was only my nurse for an hour before someone else took over.  My doctor almost missed the delivery.  After I had the baby they forced me to give my daughter a bottle, wouldn't let my family come see me or the baby and took forever to get me pain medications.  The postpartum nurses were much nicer and attentive but pushed me out the door at noon because they started a new thing where patients had to go home by 11am so that they could reduce the number of nurses they needed during the shift.  I really needed help breastfeeding but was told I had to leave.  Inova Fair Oaks was highly recommended by friends and family but I was very disappointed with my experience.  Maybe next time I will go to Inova Alexandria
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