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What's going on this weekend (does anyone even know when the weekend is anymore)?


  • I have a dentist appt Sat at 10:30am.  I had no idea when I made that appt that getting out of the house to be somewhere by 10:30am would be such a struggle.  Fingers crossed tomorrow AM isn't a nightmare.  Some friends may come by at some point on Sunday.  We've also been discussing a trip to Babies R Us.  
  • I know! There is no difference between Tuesday and Friday at this point. Haha. Except today is my birthday! I think we are going to attempt to go to dinner tomorrow night. Fingers crossed the LO stays asleep the whole time. 
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  • Happy Birthday @queenklau!
  • I was supposed to see my OB today about my possible PPA/PPD, but he had to re-schedule. Tonight is Bingo night at DD's school, so we're having a mommy/daughter night and going to dinner beforehand, then playing some bingo. DD is so excited! I love seeing her excited. Today has been a good day so far, emotional wise, so I'mtrying my hardest to stay up beat and positive. 

    Tomorrow, DH is off! He hasn't had a Saturday off in so long, but at his new job, he now gets every other Saturday off. We have an appt at 10 to get our taxes down, and then a day date for lunch and possibly a movie while my mom watches the kids. I need this day out, so I'm really excited about it. 
  • Today our Omaha steak delivery arrives (SIL got it for us as a Christmas gift to help out with dinners) and tomorrow we might go snowshoeing. Key word is might since we aren't sure how LO will react. We did a trial run in our front yard, and she was not impressed..
  • My brother is coming to visit this weekend!  It'll be his first time meeting DS so I'm excited.  I think we'll go out to dinner or lunch tomorrow and Sunday we'll stay in to watch the Packers!
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  • Let's see... 
    Tonight my boyfriend is supposed to be home from work before 6. This is a big deal! We may be able to actually watch a movie tonight before we both pass out. 

    Tomorrow we are going to see AFI in Oakland, and my parents are going to babysit. So stoked to have dinner and drinks and see one of my favorite bands!

    Sunday we are going to our friends' house to meet their new baby, which we've already decided will be BFFs with our baby. :smiley:
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    Tomorrow I'm hoping to try a moms and babies yoga class and then my friend is in town and will be visiting for a bit.  Sunday I look forward to some R&R and baby snuggles.  While I'm glad to be back to work as it provides some schedule and order to my life I miss my baby snuggles!
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  • It's Friday? Awesome that means I get to go to the grocery store in 2 days for some 'me' time.
  • Happy Birthday @queenklau!

    All the days run together these days. Except... next week is my last week of maternity leave so I am trying to enjoy the time I have left.

    Not much going on this weekend. My mom is coming over after she's done with work to hang out with DS and I can get a workout in. I'll shower after that cos DH and I plan to go to Sam's Club tonight for diaper/forumla stock up. Yay for showers!!

    We may go over to my SILs tomorrow night to visit and so 2 of our nephews can see DS. They just love him.

    Welp, my update is done... I put DS down for not even 2 minutes to write this and he's already screaming. So needy! It's going to be rough dropping him off at daycare and going back to work. For me, probably more so.
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  • Drinking some wine tonight. 

    A birthday party for a friend's daughter tomorrow 

    church on Sunday. 

    .... I'm really looking forward to the wine ...
  • @landj13 Grocery shopping alone on Sunday's is seriously the highlight of my week!
  • LandJ13 said:
    It's Friday? Awesome that means I get to go to the grocery store in 2 days for some 'me' time.

    gah, mobile Bump, stuck in the box. 

    Thats so me. I'm planning my Monday trip out of the house... hmmm, grocery store? Park? So many exciting places... 

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  • We made an impromptu visit to Busch gardens yesterday, baby was good and slept most of the time.  And we all got out of the house.
     Today we are resting and going grocery shopping. 
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