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Now that I've figured out what day of the week it is, let's hear those confessions!


  • I had an opportunity to go to the women's march in DC (we're 4 hrs away) but opted to stay home because I don't feel like dealing with the crowds. Might go to a local march though.
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  • I'm currently sitting in my office with my feet up, I don't fee like doing anything today!
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    For the most part I try to keep the tv off during the day...but sometimes I can't help but put on an episode or 2 of The Office while playing with Damien. He lights up every time Michael Scott is on the screen and sometimes even giggles. What can I say? The boy has his Mommy's sense of humor! 
  • I actually don't care about the old president, new president whatever.  Everyone on Facebook is either super pro trumonor anti-trump and I'm over here like, "whatever we're screwed either way" 
  • I have another confession:

    My husband has been fretting over starting to give Damien peanuts and has a bunch of precautions he wants us to take before giving him any. Little does he know that I've been giving Damien teeny-tiny amounts of peanut butter for the past two weeks. We don't have any family history of allergies and we have a pharmacy literally right around the corner (like less than a minute walk). I'm not worried and I know I should respect his feelings but at this rate we wouldn't be giving him nuts until his next ped appt in June! I feel guilty but I don't want to delay introducing nuts.
  • I'm starting to think that the guilt I get from going places without kids is not worth the me time. And that makes me super sad, because I really need a mental break! 

    I had to go to a church group brunch this morning, dh complained because he has the day off and "I didn't go hunting today so we could spend the whole day as a family." So I went feeling bad, came home within 90 minutes to the comment "there you are" and the kids clinging to me. I can't afford a babysitter till I get another job. I guess I will just keep floundering along. 
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    meggyme said:
    I had an opportunity to go to the women's march in DC (we're 4 hrs away) but opted to stay home because I don't feel like dealing with the crowds. Might go to a local march though.
    I live 6 miles from D.C. And I still am not going. Too crowded for the kids
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  • My husband is in the process of a MAJOR job change. He wanted to join the military when we were in high school and I said I can't live that life so we would part ways if he wanted to join. Fast forward to a few months ago when he expressed interest in applying for CHP. As his wife, I support his choice but I'm seriously torn emotionally. It's not exactly a great time to be in law enforcement (is it ever?) and we have a baby so the idea of something happening to him on the job terrifies me to no end.

    I haven't really spoken about it with anyone except my parents because it's a long process and we don't know if he will make it all the way through...so we've kept it pretty quiet.  I want to be excited because he is, but I can't help but think "worst case scenario". The idea of having to wonder if he's coming home safely each night makes me sad. The idea of him making it into the academy and being gone for 6 months makes me sad for my son. It's even harder since we can't talk about  :(. Am I selfish for feeling this way?
  • As a military wife (although, my husband flies a cargo plane to the carrier) it's not selfish because it does have an effect on you and your family. Potentially a huge effect. And not only does it come with some scary possibilities, it's a lifestyle change for you, even though you wouldn't be the CHP. It's not the same as choosing between being a lawyer or an accountant (no offense to those professions). Is there a wife of a CHP officer you could talk to? I know that I draw a lot of strength and comfort from the other military wives I know and it an incredibly close community because of the risks and independence that we have to deal with. It might be a good place to start and it might give you some peace of mind, or at least a different perspective when all you can see is the scary stuff.
    DD1: June '16 DD2: March ‘19 :::: Married since 2011 :::: USN Wife ::::
  • My DH actually went to school for law enforcement and was applying for cop jobs in the area.  I was supportive but really did wish that his passion was elsewhere.  Turns out in the one of the final two being looked at for a job in Newtown, CT, the other guy got the job.  Fast forward a little less than a year and the Sandy Hook event happens.  Ever since then he stopped applying to cop jobs because he felt like he really dogded a bullet and realized what he would really be getting into and his heart couldn't take it.  He wanted to be able to be 100% present emotionally for his family and has seen to many times how stressful those jobs can be and how it takes a lot out of the family.  I agree that you should talk to someone military wives and find out what it's really like.  My cousin is a military wife and has 2 boys.  She said it gets really lonely and scary but also rewarding.  
  • laurendiaz02  I'm a little bit late to the game here.. BUT my H is a firefighter and while it is terrifying to know if he is safe or that he may not come home, it is also awesome seeing how much he loves his job. He really was made to help people and I love that he found his passion. It is a little difficult for all of us that he is gone 24 hours and home 48, he works alot of holidays which is also shitty.. I won't sugar coat that part!
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