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Passing judgement of parents on The Bachelor

Am I the only one who thinks the people w/ kids who go on the "The Bachelor" shows are the worst parents ever?
In general I try not to be judgey, but those parents just deserve it in my opinion.
They leave their kids with grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends, etc. to go hang out & party & drink in pursuit of some random dude (and more likely in pursuit of the 15 minutes of fame). No you're a terrible parent. The worst. The word abandonment seems most fitting.

These men and women are just the worst parents ever in my super judgey opinion. It's unbelievable how their "colleagues/competitors" on the show try to bill them as "a wonderful mom" "so in love with his son". NO! If you were a good parent you wouldn't bail on your kids to go make out with some random dude on the beach like it's freaking spring break in Panama City!

Grow up and go to a mixer at your church or take a class at your local community college and meet some new people with similar interests. Don't abandon your kid to pursue fame. Losers.

Also, I'm not saying parents who take a vacation now and then are bad at all. Everyone needs a break and time to reconnect with your SO or girl friends. 

Re: Passing judgement of parents on The Bachelor

  • I'm a huge fan of The Bachelor and have watched it for years. I've always wondered how the people on the show are able to leave their kids for an entire month or more ... I have a hard time even leaving my 1.5-year-old for one night at grandma's house and miss him after just one night! I also think it will get easier to leave him for longer periods of time once he's a bit older (and he does love grandma's house). But I agree - going on a vacation with your spouse and friends is a bit different than going on a reality show in pursuit of a husband when you only have a 1 in 30 shot.

    That being said, to each their own ... I think some people on the show have handled it much better than others, and some people have much better intentions than others do when going on the show. And I know a lot of them do call/FaceTime their kids every day while on the show (and I give the show credit for letting them do that, as they should). Personally, I know I would never be able to do it myself ... I'm just way too attached to my little guy and would feel like if things didn't work out I wasted precious time I could have been spending with my kid.

    But let's talk about Corinne and her parents ... ummm, their daughter still has a NANNY and is in her mid 20s?! Now that's just messed up ;)
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