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Birthday party camera question

Hi, all. My LO's first birthday is quickly approaching, I'm thinking about managing photos of the event. This is my first child, so I'm clueless. However, when it comes to photos, I have two concerns: 1.) I'm hardly ever in photos with LO, because I'm always the one taking them. I would like some memories of me with my LO for a change, not behind the camera. 2.) I hate begging people to send me their digital photos. Sometimes people forget, don't send all of them, etc. It's awkward asking.

So, I'm thinking of going old school. Providing people with disposable cameras and asking them to snap away-- and then leave the cameras at the door before they leave. Is that cheesy? I know that people still do it at weddings, but I'm trying to find a way to remedy my two concerns above but in a fun way that gets people involved.

Thoughts? TIA! 

Re: Birthday party camera question

  • With the expense and logistics involved with using disposables, I don't think people really use them for weddings anymore either. The popular way to do this lately is to create a hashtag and advertise it to your guests so you can get them as they post their own pictures. 
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