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Regarding eveyones eating issues

I've been seeing a lot of people posting about eating issues with their littles, so I thought I'd share a piece of my mom's group wisdom, along with what we do at home.

We have two that I use almost daily. The first is if they are cryin, their breathin, meaning as long as they are somewhere safe, it is ok to let them cry if you need a minute.

The second is relevant to the food discussions. There are two jobs when it comes to food, yours and theirs. Your job is what and when, their job is if and how much. Your job is to provide (preferably) healthy food at proper meal times. Their job is to decide if they are going to eat it and how much of the food they are willing to currently eat. If your kiddo misses a meal, that's ok. It just means they will be nice and hungry for the next meal or snack time.

When my 3 yr old was littler we had two snack times, one between each meal that was always some sort of healthy-ish thing (applesauce and the like). If he didn't want to eat whatever we made for dinner, that was too bad, he could wait until breakfast, which he would usually eat like a ravenous wolf regardless of what it was. If we offer him a new food, he has to try it. He has to take at least 2 bites before he can decide he doesn't like it and then he can have a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. For the baby, he either eats the food or he doesn't. He does prefer to eat by himself, so I do cut food up to try to get more into him, but he still gets a bottle of milk before every nap and before bed, so I'm not really worried about his calorie intake.

We are parents, legal guardians and the caretakers of these lovely children, not short order cooks and slaves. I know it's impossible, but TRY not to worry too much about what little Timmy ate or didn't eat for lunch, in the long run one, two, or even three meals does not really matter. Think to the week, not the day.
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Re: Regarding eveyones eating issues

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