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im having my second baby in June and really want to baby wear. I wore my first dd a lot, but only when we were grocery shopping or things like that. With her I only had an ergo. For this baby I bought a ktan active for the newborn days and we still have our ergo. Do you think I should buy a ring sling too? I want one, but am not sure if it's a waste of money. 

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  • I've heard that ring slings aren't safe for newborns, and they can cause shoulder/back strain with an older baby. Personally, I wouldn't spend money on one. The K'tan and Ergo should be more than enough. :smile:
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  • I got it already. I probably won't use it often and it was a good deal. No returns, so oh well. I probably won't use it till 3 months anyway though. 
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    Look into a Baby Wearing International group. I went to one of their local meetings recently and they have a lending library of all different kinds of carriers, as well as educators to teach you how to use them. Might be worth it before spending more money.

    As for a ring sling, I recently got one. I have an ergo as well, and while they basically do the same thing I like the ring sling because it fits easily into my diaper bag and is easier to get baby in and out of for quick trips. I definitely use the ergo if I'm going to be carrying her for longer periods of time though. There are some things to do with how the sling fabric is spread and where the rings are placed that can help to make it more comfortable, but it does still get a bit taxing after a long time.
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  • It is important to wear slings the right way but I think it is good for bonding!
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