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At Levi's 6month checkup last Friday doc noticed a little fluid in his ears from the congestion he's had.  Wasn't an infection so she recommended Zyrtec at once a day for 30 days.  I've been giving it since that night.  For two nights he slept great/normal. The last two nights haven't been normal.  Last night he was up at midnight and after a change, bottle and some rocking he went back down but only until 5:30.  Normal for him for a couple months now has been around 8pm-6-7am.  So tonight, he was up again at 11:30.  I tried to comfort and get him right back down but no luck.  Changed him and offered bottle, and he took several ounces and was still a little fussy but went back down...He's been back up about every 20 min since. Just fussy and crying but also so sleepy.  Checked his temp, normal. I know he's teething so I'm wondering if one is about to pop through so I finally just gave him some Tylenol and he went back down a few minutes ago.  I said all that to say, I also think it's possibly the Zyrtec causing him to wake up, possibly nightmares.  DH can't take it for this very reason.  I'm also fighting a cold since Saturday so between him being up and me not able to breathe right=2 near sleepless nights.  Work should be fun later today!

Sorry so long, I'm just wide awake now.

Re: Zyrtec

  • Have you tried giving it in the morning rather than at night.  Sometimes it has the opposite effect and can keep babies awake rather than make them sleepy.
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