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PP issues

So this isn't super fun to talk about, but is anyone else having urinary incontinece PP?  I "leak" a little if I bend over.  I am having my 6 week PP appt with my doctor tomorrow and will talk to her but wondering if anyone had any advice other than kegels... also I've heard that you have to make sure you're going kegels "right" so if anyone knows anything about that I'm happy to hear it.  Thanks!

Re: PP issues

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    Oh my gosh, it looks like our brains are connected. I feel like my lack of physical health is killing me right now. But I'm not cleared to do anything yet. Nor am I comfortable starting because I had so many pp complications.
    After having a catheter, I definitely cannot hold in my pee for that long. And if I sneeze, I sniss. It also still hurts my incision. Everything down there sucks, that's how it feels. I have my 6w pp check next week, and am nervous about getting approval to do the deed. I'm probably going to pee on DH. Haha... 

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  • Try finding a pelvic floor physical therapist in your area. I met with one during pregnancy at a seminar. In other countries, it's standard of care to go to PT postpartum. From what we talked about, they can fix most issues that we consider normal, like incontainance and diasatsis.
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  • @yellingbanana - hugs to you.  I'm glad I'm not alone but I'm sorry that you're struggling as well.  

    @tinattt23 - I've heard of pelvic PT and will ask the doctor about it.  Sounds kind of awkward on some levels but I guess better than continuing to leak urine at the ripe ol age of 33.
  • I had pelvic floor PT after DD (my first baby) because I tore terribly and still had vaginal pain 1 year postpartum. It helped SO much. Yes, it is awkward. But remember that whoever is doing it is a medical professional and they obviously want to help women with recovery and regaining normal function and  feeling of their pelvic area.

    I think PTs who specialize in pelvic floor therapy are kind of hard to find in some areas so that could be a challenge for some, but I highly recommend it!
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  • I plan to do pelvic PT once cleared by my OB. I had an eval during pregnancy with a pelvic PT specialist but I gave up after the first session because I was in so much pain afterwards. She said to definitely come back postpartum. I still have some SPD pain, my SI joint gets "stuck", I have diastasis and prolapse :(

  • Thanks @createillumination and @maamawaabangi for the exercise ideas.

    I spoke with my OB today and she said that everything looks normal on exam and she thinks that it will resolve with kegels but if it doesn't I should call her and she will refer me to pelvic PT if I'm interested in going.  She also mentioned that things down there don't fully go back to normal until estrogen is being produced again and that production is being suppressed by breastfeeding so it might be a while.  I will probably do the kegels for now and maybe add in some pelvic floor and core exercises, since I'm cleared for exercise at this point.
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