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Appointments: Week of January 16

This thread is getting awfully busy these days, and I am here for it. 

Re: Appointments: Week of January 16

  • Appointment for 37 weeks this Wednesday. Nothing too exciting should be going on besides the cervical check. I'm hoping when she measures me that it's back to normal too instead of measuring small.
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  • Appt today and Thursday. Ultrasound, NST and doc today, same minus doc Thursday. I don't get checks since I'm a scheduled section but I may ask today just out of curiosity sake. 
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  • 36 week appt on Wednesday. We'll be doing the wonderful GBS test and starting cervical checks. Lots of poking and prodding going on on Wednesday.
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    Weekly OB appointment on Friday for my 37 week check-up. Just standard stuff. BP, urine and I may actually get my date for this c-section. Not holding my breath though because the hospital is a jerk and waiting until the last minute to give me an answer. 
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  • Regular appointment on Friday, will be 35w3d, so not sure if they count that as then 36 week one or not? Friday marks the start of my weekly appointments though. So, either completely uneventful or getting the butt swabbed  :# please be normal appointment!! 
  • I have my appointment on Friday. For sure I'm doing the GBS test. Not sure what else will be going on. My doctor said that for sure I will be induced if I haven't had her by 39w, so idk if that means I schedule something or if we just wait until that point and then schedule something. I plan to ask on Friday.
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  • Normal 35 week appointment Thursday. Not sure if he'll do the GBS test this week or at my 37 week appointment. My doctor hasn't mentioned it yet, nor has he mentioned cervix checks so I have no clue what to expect for those.
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  • I should have my 37 week appointment tomorrow but the office was fully booked and the receptionist  wouldn't switch anything around so I skip this week and go in next week. 

    The ob told me I needed to be monitored more closely near the end due to my age. He isn't aware i am skipping this week as he was with the next patient by the time i saw the receptionist. I figure it's no big deal as long as she keeps moving around. 

    I already had my final blood work and the GBS test. 
  • Regular 36 week checkup on wednesday. I've already had the GBS test so I don't think anything exciting is happening at this appt.  and I think I go every week now...
  • @vastra that's great she finally flipped! Will you still be scheduling a c/s?
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    38 week appt this morning. Have made 0 progress in spite of very frequent (and stronger) BH contractions. Kiddo is head down and bile acid results are in the normal range, so no explanation of why I itch so bad (hands/feet/belly/calves). So, waiting out another week 'til the next appointment :grimace:
  • Just realized that this is my last week without an appointment.  Wut.
  • weekly appointment for me on Thursday. The lovely GBS test and probably a cervical check as well. 

  • 36 weeks now so regular checkup that includes the dreaded ass swab for GBS on Wednesday. Glad I probably won't have to see my doc again at all. I meet with the surgeon next week who will be performing the csection so I can skip her and following week she's on vacation so I see a different male fill in doctor. Then the week after, csection. I'm so relieved I don't have to see her again after this week. That's sad. 

    Also have a random ultrasound Thursday. 
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    I'm in to weekly appointments now (due Feb 2nd). My last day of work is Wednesday, and then my appointment is Friday (38 weeks). Hoping for a sweep (trying for VBAC, so smaller baby would be better since I am quite petite and my 1st was 8 lbs.) Will keep you all posted :)
  • Bio physical profile and nst on Thursday. I'll be 35w4d. I don't get my 36 week appt until the following Thursday. 
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    @kswiger06 Thanks! We're not sure. They want to discuss it on Wednesday when the operating OB will be in the office. It might be the best way to go, with my low placenta still being an issue. I'd rather wait until she's good and ready to come out, but we'll do whatever is safest. 
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  • Have my 37 week appointment today, just the usual with another cervical check, I'm hoping I'm further along than what I was last week. Just really soft but closed. But i have been having a lot of extra pressure in my butt and pelvic area so hopefully that is a good sign. Been trying everything from walking everyday to sex to evening primrose oil. I'm going crazy over here lol, I'm ready to have my baby here already! 
  • @lfrank12 Seems like babies REALLY like to do that. DD wouldn't move all day, then I get hooked up and they pick up activity right away in about a min or so. Thanks baby!
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  • 36 week appointment tomorrow. I will have my group b strep test, a blood draw to test my blood levels and B12 and make sure my anemias have straightened out. I am irrationally nervous about my MW doing a vaginal exam. this particular midwife hasn't seen it before (she was added on to the practice around the time I went for my PP visit with DD2). When I scheduled with her it was intentional, but now I am like ugh why didn't I just go with the one I've known for years?

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  • I have my 35w checkup with the lovely GBS test and I think they recommended vaccinations.   This is the first of my weekly appointments,  next week I have an ultrasound to check growth and positioning.
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  • @scifichick09 you need to immediately look for and purchase this stuff,  its called Grandpas Pine Tar soap.  I had PUPPS for both of my other pregnancies,  its miserable.  Hopefully you deliver soon, I had it for weeks. 

    Lukewarm showers,  use soap, dry off and repeat as necessary.   I feel like I also used tea tree oil, but not anything that would keep it moist.
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  • Thanks @partyof6? I will look into that!!

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  • FX'd for the best results you can get @kirstynikole!! 
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    @kswiger06 thank you!! I'm pretty optimistic. The last few days I think I've noticed a difference in not feeling quite so nauseated and blah, so I'm hoping that's related to the medicine helping with my levels. I'm curious to know my blood results because last week within a 3 day time span they had elevated to about 2.5x past normal. Baby has been nice and active though and did great during his last NST, so I feel confident! :) 

  • @kirstynikole keep us updated! I've been thinking about you and LO. Glad baby is doing well!
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    @Gretchypoo aw thank you!! It'll be nice getting some more answers. I like to be in control of situations, so not having a definite answer is driving me nuts about the next few weeks lol... buuuuuuut as long as everything is going well, I've just told myself I've gotta go with the flow. 

    ETA: so @Gretchypoo I can't remember exactly, are they going to induce you at 38 weeks due to gestational diabetes?

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