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I go here now and a question

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Hi. I just lost my pregnancy on Friday. I was only 5+1 but I'm still feeling pretty betrayed by my body. The doctor I dealt with in the ER was so cold and mechanical and difficult to talk to, which makes it sting so much more. 

I bled so much Friday I could barely keep up with it. It stopped for a bit then picked back up again Saturday midmorning, heavily again. This morning I had a bit of spotting but that was it. Nothing now all day. So at least my body was efficient..? It's so hard to find something positive right now. 

For those of you who have walked this road before, how did you decide when to start TTC again? I know my H, while very sad right now, wants to start again right away. I'm very torn. I feel like I should give my body a cycle to reset and come to terms with what happened, but I also feel like maybe if I just dive back in it'll help me to put this behind us. Obviously I need to follow up with my OB on Tuesday still, but if she gives us the go ahead, how do I go about making that decision? It feels so loaded. 
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