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Hemorrhoids, Anyone?

Looking for some advice or similar experiences ...

I suffered my first loss last week (early miscarriage, chemical pregnancy) at 4w3d. Physically, the MC itself wasn't too painful because it was so early and I was able to MC naturally without any medical interventions, for which I'm very grateful.

However, the one week I was pregnant I developed a few hemorrhoids, one of which is very painful now, the size of a small grape, is bleeding, and looks like it may have developed a clot. Just ready to move on and tired of the doctor's visits, and here's yet another reminder of what happened.

Any advice on treatment options? I plan on making a doctor's appointment tomorrow, but any advice or similar experiences would be helpful. Thank you!

Re: Hemorrhoids, Anyone?

  • witch hazel soaked cotton balls.
  • Sitz baths, @justsuzie what she said-witch hazel or Tucks pads, OTC hydrocortisone cream. Also make sure you're not constipated so as not to increase pressure on it, a stool softener might be a good addition for a few days. 
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    CP 1/25/16 4.5 weeks, developed Graves' disease
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  • @justsuzie

    Thank you! I've been using Tucks witch hazel pads which help with pain, but unfortunately this is worse than any I've had before. Just hopeful prescription suppositories or something will work and I won't need to have them removed surgically which I've heard is really painful!
  • @jen83mn Ugh, that sucks.  I had them really bad once.  I actually had to go the doctor and he prescribed something.  It worked immediately!     It was an anti-inflammatory cream and it numbed the pain to. It's worth it to go in if it's really uncomfortable.  Fee better!
  • @justsuzie

    Thank you! Did you just go to a regular family practioner doctor, your OBGYN, or a gastro doc? I know my OBGYN prescribed me suppositories before, just not sure who would be best to go to. Thanks for the tip!!
  • justsuziejustsuzie member
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    @jen83mn  I went to the walk-in because I couldn't wait.  I was so uncomfortable. 
  • Good to know! I just want to get in ASAP too ... this is not how I want to spend the rest of this week!
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