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Petty Problem Saturday 1/14

Re: Petty Problem Saturday 1/14

  • My in laws are visiting this weekend and I don't want to deal with them.  Also, they left to go check into their hotel and DH told me he'd watch the baby so I could nap and I can't sleep.
  • The weather sucks.
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  • It's football Saturday for us, but the kids and I have a birthday party to go to halfway through the game. So I'm not planning on making any food, didn't plan on having anyone over, slept in till 10 and made a big breakfast. Then DH was leaving and lets me know that his brothers are coming over. Fine. But one of the brothers came over an hour and a half before the game started, while I was in the shower. The kids come in saying 'someone is at the door, can we answer it?' - no, I'm in the shower and have no idea who it is. But they keep knocking. Ugh. So I have to cut my shower short, my one 'me time' in the entire day. Rush to get dressed, and get the damn door, and it's brother in law and nephew, whom DH said wouldn't be here until after the game started. 

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  • Aaaand SIL, MIL and nephew all had a terrible cold recently and nephew coughed on the baby and SIL and MIL got all up in his business.  Thanks for visiting!
  • @yellingbanana  That was rude of them to show up well before they were going to, without calling first.  What if you hadn't been home, or hadn't gotten out of the shower to let them in?  Would they have just stood there ringing the bell?  

    I know it is now Monday, but I didn't get a chance to post until now.  My Petty Problem Saturday was the snow.  They predicted a dusting.  We got 2 to 3 inches.  Thanks weather predictors.  I wish I had a job where I could be wrong all the time and still get paid and not get fired.  I hate snow, and I hate not being prepared for it.
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    LO is a little needy today and will only sleep on me. He very much needs a nap so he just finally fell asleep... Now my target packages arrived and I can't open them yet.

    Eta now I have to pee
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