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Sleep Training Heeelp!

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We have 7 month olds (ish)! 
Starting a sleep training routine and I doubt my method ALL the time! My lil guy is OBSESSED with standing up, & that means in his crib too when we do the nightly sleep battle.
I am currently remaining in the room & silently laying him back down 1000x till he's too tired to fight it. I've found that after standing too long he gets tired and wobbly and eventually falls and hits his chin on the rails so I'm hesitant to leave him alone completely  
What are your methods???

Re: Sleep Training Heeelp!

  • Sounds like you need to lower the crib .  At 7 months they shouldn't easily reach the top rail and certainly not with their chin over the edge.  Once it's lowered you may just have to let him figure out how to get down.  When Preston started rolling in his sleep we had to choices, flip him back and be a slave to the flip until he gets over it, or leave him so he figures out that I am not his flipping mashine.  He left him alone and after a couple nights he just flipped on his own.  He's a belly sleeper so he would flip on his back and freak out.  Now we can lay him on his back and he just rolls over to sleep.  As far as staying in the room, you can try the chair method if you don't wanna leave him completely alone.  
  • I agree that if he is hitting his chin when he falls you definitely need to lower the mattress.

    Just for a little more background: Do you already have a bedtime routine? Are you putting him to bed drowsy but awake? Is it just bedtime or throughout the night?
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  • @meggyme yeah bed time routine is in place. I will definitely drop the crib down, I'm fairly certain he will just crab the bars instead and eventually fall and smack his head as usual. I'd love to leave all together but not if he's going to hurt himself. He's obsessed with standing up, I'm at a loss ha!
  • So you have a video monitor? That might give you the security to know what he's doing without being in the room. 
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  • @meggyme yeah monitor in place... in the meantime I put the pack n play right next to the crib so I can leave and he can't hurt himself. I hope that's not counter productive haha
  • We've been having a heck of a time with sleep lately.  We started sleep training a month ago (6 months) and it started out great for the first week.  Since then I've been super sick and Lillyana has been spending more time at my mom's house during the day.  (Literally sick like fever for 5 days, can't get out of bed, ER twice kinda sick.)  Unfortunately my mother will not let her cry at all so she rocks her to sleep and holds her for naps and everything.  It's been impossible to sleep train at home at all now.  We are having to start 10 steps behind where we were a month ago.
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