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LO spent her entire first 12 months almost exclusively with just me. Only child. Now that she's going to an inhome daycare twice a week we are noticing she acts differently than the other kids who've always gone and been socialized since they were infants. She seems to get overwhelmed with other kids... I'm not sure how well she interacts with them too... is that something she will improve upon the more she goes? What are some play groups I could look into? I'm not on FB so I struggle to find any play groups during my days where I have LO... we end up just sitting around the house and she has no interaction with others. I've tried taking her to various libraries and the mall's play center but every single time we've gone there hasn't been a SINGLE other kid there

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  • Our nephew was the same way ... was watched by grandma for his first four years of life and was never around any other kids (first baby in the family). He was terrified of other kids, even when going to the park, etc. He started to warm up to them closer to 4 years old, when he got a sibling and had some other cousins to play with. He's now in preschool and is doing good (other than having to learn how to share and not being bossy, which stemmed from never playing with kids when he was younger).

    We would be in the same boat as you except our LO has little cousins, one who he sees daily now at grandma's (my 4-month-old niece), along with a 1-year-old and 5-year-old cousin he sees monthly. He still gets a little overwhelmed by the really loud 5-year-old, but seems to really like the ones closer to his age.

    I know in our area we have "mommy and me" classes for toddlers that are run by the school district or community ed, usually a once or twice a week thing for a few hours. Do you have anything like that where she could meet a few other kids that way?
  • A great way to get in socialization, but also be there to observe and interact, is Library reading time. Most libraries have ones geared specifically for toddlers that meet at least once a week. 
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  • We are in a similar boat. We actually started daycare a couple days a week because I wanted kiddo to have interaction with other kids. Libraries are a good start, check out your local rec center, MOPS often has groups for momma's of younger kids, if you go to a religious institution I'm sure there are family activities there. Also chat with the other parents at daycare to see what resources they've found.

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  • I also have a shy one towards adults, but I think part of it is that I'm home with her and part of it is her personality. I think that helping them get more comfortable around other kids is a matter of regular exposure: story time at the library, swimming lessons, ECFE, going to the park or indoor playground, play groups, playdates with friends that have kids, even if they are older. Things where they aren't confined to a stroller and are free to explore. At this age they are too young to play cooperatively with other kids, but they can still be used to sharing the same space and toys. 
  • Our little man is in Early Intervention and they got him in a play group that started last month because I wanted that socialization. I am also going to sign him up for early headstart and get into a playgroup through them. 
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