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Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction

Has anyone ever had this before? Is there a point where it can become so severe that other actions (besides minimizing painful movement and wearing a pregnancy stability belt) needs to be taken? Or does one just need to hope that it goes away after delivery?

Re: Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction

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    I ask because I'm debating whether or not a call to my doctor today is necessary or if I just wait until my appointment in a week. I've had pretty bad pubic bone/pelvis pain for the past several weeks but it's been getting progressively worse and last night when I was getting into bed I heard something snap and now the pain has intensified even worse. I'm having trouble walking, driving, getting in/out of the car, getting dressed, really any movement at all. I've read about SPD and that sounds exactly like what is going on, and the articles I read don't seem to make it sound that bad and say it usually goes away after childbirth. Honestly, I'm not sure how I can function/live for the next two months like this... I feel like I can't even move. I've had major joint issues before (I've had a shoulder and knee replacement before due to injuries) and honestly this hurts worse than both of those... But what I've read so far really plays it off like minor pain that I just have to wait to go away until after birth so I feel weird calling my doctor about such a "trivial" thing... Help?
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    regardless of when you talk to your doctor about the possibility of having spd, you should definitely bring it up to your doctor. Apparently from what I've read about it, more severe cases could potentially complicate delivery (some doctors might opt for a c section if it's that bad). I don't mean to scare you, but it's better to be informed about any issues that could arise from this issue (sounds like you're suffering quite a bit)  In the meantime, you could look into doing some kegel/pelvic exercises to strengthen the muscles in that area which could help relieve some of your pain. Good luck!
  • There is a thread in the Jan '17 board about this you should check out. Definitely talk to your doctor about it. You may get a referral for a specialist to make sure delivery is still safe.

    Pelvic exercises can also help. Kegels didn't really help my pelvic pain, but I read an article that someone was using a yoga brick between their legs/thighs and squeezing. She said it did wonders. I didn't have a yoga brick, but I have a snoogle. Ever since I tried squeezing 5-6 times with the snoogle between my knees, I've noticed a SIGNIFICANT decrease in my pelvic pain. I wish I had done it earlier. It's still mildly painful, but I'm not being brought to tears anymore.
  • Thanks for the lead, @purplewriter I will check that out. I am in the March BMB, and I did a search here and there and didn't see anything, but didn't think to check January's board. I appreciate it!
  • @JustAnotherUsername16 this is late, but I can commiserate!  This is a new (unwelcome) development for me at 32 weeks. Something that has helped (although nothing really helps THAT much) is to sleep with more than just the snoogle between my knees -- it's really not thick enough.  Also, try not to sit with your cross legged -- what we used to call Indian style --  it is annoying for me because it's one of the only ways I can comfortably sit but it does make it more painful.  I agree with the recommendation above about squeezing something like a yoga brick between your legs -- I got that tip from a prenatal massage therapist and it made a difference!  I tried to do kegels and I honestly just can't do them anymore. 

    I asked my doctors about not being able to have a vaginal delivery if it got too bad and I got the same look I get every time I go in there with something dramatic I heard from googling.  They didn't seem to think that would ultimately be a problem.  

    Also, for researching -- this is a type of pelvic girdle pain (PGP) -- so you may find more info looking into that.  
  • My Ob had me in physical therapy for this. It helped some but honestly I just had to get through it. Heat, baths and pool time helped me a lot

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  • Lurking from Jan 17 board, I started the thread there on this because I'm pretty sure I have this. I brought it up to my dr and it's consistently dismissed as normal ligament pains and this seems to be a common thing so don't be surprised if your dr doesn't seem too concerned. I used a support belt and also a heating pad at night, the heating pad helped A LOT. The popling noise is something I had too, I'm assuming this is very common,  but when I move throughout the night my pelvis and hips pop at least 3 or 4 times a week and it does cause a lot of pain when it happens. Using the heating pad and support belt and doing some easy stretches really helped me, I havent tried the kegel exercises or squeezing a yofa brick between my thighs though so that may be worth a try! Just remember to take it easy and start slow :)
  • I am also experiencing the same level of discomfort with most movements. I have a hard time walking, driving, sitting, standing, laying down, it's really a struggle the further along I get

  • This looks like an old thread, but I wanted to put this out there; I've been going to a physical therapist who specializes in pelvic health, and when I went through symphysis pain, she said it was due to inflammation and the best thing was to immobilize it as much as possible (this may be a different issue than others' in this post). Fur me, this meant: keep legs together like wearing a mini skirt, especially when entering/exiting a car, take stairs with both feet on each step, take a break from kegels (can further irritate) and anything that spreads your legs (butterfly pose, etc), and hopefully be past the pain in 2-3 weeks (which I was). 
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