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Amniotic Fluids

STM here, might be a bit TMI. I was induced with my DS so never smelt the amniotic fluids. My question is, what was the smell like for you? I've been having some kind of loss with a strong smell (not at all like urine), but I can't pinpoint the type of smell it has... Super freaked out as I'm only 31 weeks tomorrow.

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  • I dont remember it having any smell at all, and you should definitely call your doctor with ANY concerns. There is a very simple swab test that most doctors can do right in the office to determine if you're leaking fluid.
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  • Call your dr but im pretty sure it has no smell

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    Amniotic fluid has a very strong, sweet smell.  It's actually a smell I really like - I've been around women when their water breaks, and it's a very specific feminine, sweet scent.

    It does not smell anything like urine, BO, etc.  It's very unique.
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