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In Memory Keychain

I wanted something small, something that just my close loved ones and I could appreciate. I came across memorial lockets. I chose a keychain type. You can pick your own charms, and I was even able to send her a pic of babies Ultrasound and she made it into a tiny charm. The finished locket made me happy and reminded me that I am still a mother. That I had my lil one for a short time but he was a part of me.  I love this locket and its a great reminder of my lil baby.

It includes, Babies US picture charm, babies due date BStone heart charms(Dec for his actual due date, and Apr for when we lost him). My DF and my Bstones charms. Angel wings and mother and child charms, and xoxo charm.

I shared this In April when I lost my 2nd baby. I just had another loss and will be getting another locket made. I know we all process different and not one way is correct. I have chosen to remember my lil ones with small memorials/remembrance items. So I wanted to reshare with you ladies, Ill update as soon as I have my other one made.

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