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Question about formula

So I'm planning on feeding my baby formula once he's born. I've been looking at a few different brands, and they all have pretty much the same nutritional value and ingredients. I got to thinking about formula, and I had to wonder: can I switch between different brands or is it more like with dog food where you always have to buy the same stuff?
I know you shouldn't switch between milk based and soy based formulas, but I'm curious about switching between different milk based formulas.

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  • I started off with enfamil in the hospital and once my free samples ran out I switched to the generic of enfamil From BRU. You don't want to keep switching brands because it can upset their belly.  If your baby is not tolerating the formula then I would  switch it but I wouldn't switch it because a certain brand is on sale or you have a coupon 
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  • I agree with @PhillymommaX2, my boys did great on similac, I tried changing one of them to enfamil and he projectile vomited. Most kids aren't that sensitive but you don't want to switch it up a bunch. If the generic store brand works for them then I would stick with that. Formula is expensive and it adds up quickly, good luck and congratulations! 
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  • My daughter would not and in some cases could not eat anything but Gerber good start gental and it was flipping expensive but a babies got to eat!
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