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  • @Jkp7749 so lucky to receive a stash! Everyone I know using cloth just recently had their babies and are using AIOs so I'm exploring on my own :)

    One reason the gdiapers appealed to me so much was that the system seemed really simple. Assuming you were given the 'gpants' and the pouches that snap in, you're more than halfway there! You just line the pouch with a disposable or a cloth liner. They also sell extra packs of just pouches on their website so you can change those as needed if the liner soaked through.   

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    Ohhh, okay! That does seem simple... I know I could google it but hadn't had the chance! 

    seems like AIOs would be super expensive because in the beginning they pee/poop SOOO much. We had loved just changing out the liner for smaller pees and not having to invest in a billion covers. I think with twins that will save even more, although I think we have around 30 covers at this point.
  • Question: What laundry detergent do you use?
  • @jayandaplus: We used EcoSprout, a powder detergent. It's available in different scents that are lovely when it hits the water, to mask the diaper drop in, but the scent doesn't remain on the cloth at all afterward.

    There was a boutique baby store nearby where I bought the majority of the diapers in my stash, and they carried that detergent, but I also found it online. (Check out each cloth diaper brand's website for cleaning instrux, too, to see what they recommend.) I think someone else mentioned earlier, and I'll reiterate, that finding a local shop is super helpful in actually seeing & feeling & handling the diapers before purchase. Even if you have to go far out of your way to get there, the hands-on experience is so helpful. Mine had a cloth diaper workshop once a month, too.
  • @jayandaplus we just use regular Tide.

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  • I was planning to use regular powder tide since that seemed to be the most popular in everything I read.
  • My mom picked up some mabu baby starter packs for $8! Excited to have two kinds of cloth diapers to try with a newborn before I invest in a whole system. 

    Maybe he we can do a diaper cloth check in for cloth first timers shorrly after we have our babies! 
  • @jayandaplus we use regular tide as well. We've used both powdered and liquid, both seem to work just fine!  We never used anything special (dreft or other special baby detergents) for our regular baby clothes either, though. 
  • I posted this in the deals thread, but I figured this was more target audience. I have absolutely no clue if this is a good deal or not, but Zulily has Lotus Bumz cloth diapers for up to 70% off for the next 15 hours.
  • Has anyone used the kawaii cloth diapers? Someone on fb marketplace is selling 18 diapers and 29 inserts for $80. They are pocket diapers with velcros. Seems like a god price but I don't know much about them. I did look it up and they seem to have good reviews with a few exceptions, but I feel like that happens with all of the CDs. 

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    @BabyMC517: I can't speak to that brand but you're right about lots of CDs having both good and bad reviews. I think a lot depends on baby's body shape and habits. $80 for 20 plus items seems like a great deal, though!
  • @skzw I think I'm going to go for it! It just seems like such a great deal! And the seller said they've only been used a few times. 

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  • Reading all these posts and loving them, wishing I could also do CD!! DH is not on board with it though and neither is MIL (whom we reside with atm) I did try it a couple times though DS had a horrible daiepr rash a couple days after we got out of the hospital so I was doing cloth with some pins for the time being with a cover he never really peed out or had a blow out (come to find out it was the wipes) then again he got sick and had diarrhea  and I had to cloth him again did go thru but not horribly. It wasn't hard and I loved it! DH just thinks it's too 'time consuming' tho. 
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    Tell your hubbs that "too time consuming" is not a valid reason to not try CDing. Sure, it's a slightly different process but changing a diaper is changing a diaper! To be honest, it's only a matter of where you place the dirty diaper afterward, either in a diaper pail or wet bag as opposed to a garbage can. And running the laundry seriously is an extra 15 minutes out of his day. No bigs!
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    Hi moms, we're doing partial CD. I'm using all-in-one newborn cloth diapers but it's been leaking a bit. Maybe I can't adjust it properly to my baby. The brand is lil joe. Anyone using them with advices? Thanks!
  • @cclaineDC I noticed that most starter packs have 36 as the magical number for a set. I think it is based off every other day washing...
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  • We have 14 (I think lol haven't used them yet) covers and a ton of prefolds, flour sack towels, and a couple bamboo and hemp inserts. I also have I think around 26 pockers and a couple AIOs preloved that I still need to prep. I took advantage of different deals and found the preloves on Facebook marketplace. 

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  • ***lurker*** cclaineDC said:
    Sorry to resurrect this thread, but I just have to share the *glorious* news that H has finally been convinced that we should use cloth diapers. Looking at one week's mountain of dirtied disposables did the trick. It also helps that we moved and now have our own washer/dryer.
    This is truly glorious and made me smile. Congratulations!!!!  :D
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