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  • I'm on mobile right now. Could someone take me off the list. My baby's heart stopped about 4 days ago.
    Bobby Llewellyn born September 29, 2012
    Kade Wayne born July 23, 2015
    MC in February 2017
    MC in November 2017
    Oliver Dean (Ollie) due December 17, 2018

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  • I'm on mobile as well. Thanks ladies!

    Due Date 
    Age 29 (maybe 30 depending when baby arrives)
    Location Colorado
    Singleton, twins, more? singleton
    Other Children 1 ds who will be 4 when baby is born
    Team Blue/Pink/Green team finding out! 
    Labor Buddy dh
    Baby's Name boy we are thinking Elliott and girl we like Maisie 
    Actual Birth Date stay tuned…

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  • @carabear87 done! I added your info. Welcome to the spreadsheet! :)
  • @RobbieLynnette added your info to the sheet!
  • My Google sheets isn't letting me edit this. 

    Due Date : August 23
    Age 34
    Location Philadelphia 
    Singleton, twins, more? Twins 
    Other Children: 2 DS ages 2 and 4

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  • Hello!  B) 

    Due Date - 8/10

    Age - 30
    Location - Arizona
    Singleton, twins, more? Just one  :) 
    Other Children - 2 SD - 4 and 8
    Team Blue/Pink/Green - hoping for team blue!
    Labor Buddy - hubby
    Baby's Name - undecided
    Actual Birth Date - 

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  • Sorry to hear that @asun123
    Me: 37 DH: 37 - Married 10.2015 ❤️ Canadian 
    DX: Endometriosis - Stage 4, DOR, RPL
    TTC #1 07.2015
    03.2016 - Natural BFP - MC 5w4d
    04.2016 - Natural BFP - Chemical
    10.2016 - IUI w/ Injections #1 = IUI Cancelled (cyst/no mature follicle)
    11.2016 - IUI w/ Injections #2 = BFP, EDD 08.2017 - It's a BOY!
    TTC #2 06.2019
    08.2019 - IUI w/ Injections #1 = Chemical
    09.2019 - IUI w/ Injections #2 = BFN
    10.2019 - IUI w/ Injections #3 = BFN
    01.2020 - IUI w/ Injections #4 = BFN
    08.2020 - Natural BFP - MC 9w5d
    11.2020 - IVF Retrieval - 3AB & 4BB
    05.2021 - FET #1 = BFP, EDD 02.2022 - It's a BOY!

  • @mking820 and @caity024 I added your info. @mking820 any info on team blue/pink/green or labor buddy? Wanted to add it to the spreadsheet if you have it
  • What is this spreadsheet for??
  • @middy411 I asked the same thing but can't really get a clear answer, other than for tracking. But why do we need to track? I'm just confused at the how would I use it? Confused!
  • Due Date- 8/8/17 but it will be a scheduled c-section about 1 week before 
    Age- 31
    Location- Lakeland, FL
    Singleton, twins, more?- Singleton
    Other Children- 21 month old girl and 6 yr old boy
    Team Blue/Pink/Green- secretly team pink
    Labor Buddy- NA - scheduled c-section
    Baby's Name- unsure 
    Actual Birth Date- to be determined

  • @middy411 @mrsmatt1212 it really is just to track whose due date is when/close to yours and down the line, to see everyone's delivery dates in comparison to their due dates. The location/age/other children parts are kind of a way to feel a little connected to every other momma who is in this BMB, no matter how close or far they are geographically to you. You might have something in common with someone and not even know it!
  • @middy411 @mrsmatt1212 it's really just for fun to get connected and have a sheet to remind people about other people's lives since we can all get confused over the Internet. You don't have to fill in your stuff if you don't want! 
  • szwill86 said:
    @carabear87 done! I added your info. Welcome to the spreadsheet! :)

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  • Due date : August 29th (probably a C-section around the 16 though according to Doc.)
    Location: Connecticut
    Labor buddy: My chitlins' father.
    Baby name: noooo idea.

    On mobile! Please add me.
  • @snowbabies1012 I added the info you provided- there are still other columns if you wanted to add the info. If not, that's fine! Also-

    Hi, fellow CTer!!
  • Due Date August 4
    Age 34
    Location Winnipeg, Canada
    Singleton, twins, more? Single
    Other Children Just the four legged kind :)
    Team Blue/Pink/Green Green
    Labor Buddy DH
    Baby's Name undecided
    Actual Birth Date
  • Please add me! Due Date: 8/30 Age: 40 Location: Southern California Singleton, twins, more? Twins Other Children: DD 8, DS 22 months Team Blue/Pink/Green: Team Green (if we can make it) Labor Buddy: Don't have one yet. Baby's Names: TBD Actual Birth Date: TBD (I'm sure I'll probably end up with scheduled c-section)
    Me: 38     DH: 36
    Married: July 21, 2013
    TTC#1 (between us): June/July 2013

    DX: MFI (low count and motility)
    Charting/OPK/CBFM July 2013-present
    1st RE Visit: January 2014
    March 2014- 75iu follistim + trigger + progesterone + IUI = BFN and OHSS
    (8 million post wash 47% motility, 18mm/17mm/16mm/16mm/14mm follies)
    April/May 2014- Benched due to cysts/enlarged ovaries
    June 2014- 50iu follistim + trigger + progesterone + IUI = BFP!!
    (10 million post wash 60% motility, 20mm/19mm follies)
    Beta 1- 85 Beta 2- 2,752 - EDD 2/27/2015

    Everyone welcome. Strength in numbers!

  • Hello Ladies :) I'm on mobile, please add me! 

    Due date: August 19th.

    Age: 39

    Location: Oregon 


    Other kids: girl 19, boy 17, girl 13, girl 

    Team Green for now; MaterniT21 in a week!

    Labor buddy: fiancé and possibly my kids 

    Baby's names: So far we like Fiona and Felix

    Actual birthdate: unknown

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  • Is it just me, or are there only like, 7 names/info in the spreadsheet?? I just opened it on google docs and everything's gone... hope it's just some glitch on my end and not that someone accidentally deleted the other 80 or so names...
  • @szwill86 I'm on mobile so I can't fully open it but it seems someone just filtered the spreadsheet. If you look at the row numbers they're skipping a lot. 
  • szwill86szwill86 member
    edited January 2017
    @LivLew thanks I just saw- looks like someone saved it with a "pennsylvania" filter on the location column. Turned it off! Technology can be a jerk sometimes :)

    @thistle8677 I added your info. 
  • I'm not mobile, but I Bump at work, and our firewalls block Google docs.  Could someone add me?  Thanks!

    Due Date -
    Aug 6
    Age - 39
    Location - Cleveland, OH
    Singleton, twins, more? - Just one
    Other Children - DD, age 6; DS, age 2
    Team Blue/Pink/Green - will find out soon
    Labor Buddy - Just DH
    Baby's Name
    Actual Birth Date
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    DD: 6/21/10
    DS: 10/11/14
  • Mobile also! Please add me, thanks!!

    Due Date- August 9

    Age- 23 now, 24 at delivery
    Location- Houston TX
    Singleton, twins, more? Single
    Other Children- One year old daughter, Cameron
    Team Blue/Pink/Green- 
    Labor Buddy- Husband 
    Baby's Name- Eli Grayson or Charleigh Kate
    Actual Birth Date- 

  • WineAndDogsWineAndDogs member
    edited February 2017
    Due Date: 8/19
    Age: 30, 31 when the babe comes
    Location: CT
    Singleton, twins, more? singleton
    Other Children Nope!
    Team Blue/Pink/Green: Green
    Labor Buddy: DH
    Baby's Name: No idea yet
    Actual Birth Date: TBD

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  • Mobile users: get the google sheets app and you will be able to view and edit the spreadsheet! 
  • I'm so sorry for your loss @asun123 :'(
    It's a pain I unfortunately know very well, and I'm sorry you are facing this. Take care of yourself. Xo
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  • I'm on mobile if somebody could add me!
  • Due Date Aug-5
    Age 21
    Location Indiana
    Singleton, twins, more? TBD
    Other Children One
    Team Blue/Pink/Green TBD
    Labor Buddy Husband
    Baby's Name
    Actual Birth Date
  • mumEmumE member
    edited February 2017
    I'm also on mobile.
    Due Date Aug-26
    Age 41
    Location MA
    Singleton, twins, more? Singleton
    Other Children None
    Team Blue/Pink/Green don't know yet
    Labor Buddy Husband
    Baby's Name
    Actual Birth Date

  • For those of you who asked, I added your info. I agree with @morgy_bee about google docs bc I only add stuff to the spreadsheet via that mobile app and it's super simple. 
  • Due Date August 12th
    Age 30
    Location Central Illinois
    Singleton, twins, more? Singleton
    Other Children almost 2yo DS
    Team Blue/Pink/Green Team green for the first time!
    Labor Buddy  Husband 
    Baby's Name undecided 
    Actual Birth Date

  • Hi, I'm on my mobile, please add me :)

    Due Date: August 15th

    Age: 31 (32 on August 9th, so depends if baby is early)
    Location: Pennsylvania
    Singleton, twins, more? Singleton
    Other Children: First time mom!
    Team Blue/Pink/Green: Husband guesses girl, I have no idea. Neither of us have a preference, just happy and healthy!
    Labor Buddy: Hubby
    Baby's Name: still deciding
    Actual Birth Date: n/a
  • I'm on mobile, my info is already on the sheet, but I found out today that we are having TWINS! Still unsure of genders or names
  • @ars51615 @mharper0614 I added/updated info. There's also someone with this info with no name. If you can claim it, I'll add the name. If not, it's getting deleted:
    Aug-31 41 Tennessee Single 0 Green Doula Undecided
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