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Accidentally "cheated" my 3-hour glucose test?

Hi everyone!  I'm a 34 yo first-time mom.  Last week I failed my 1-hour GCT with a 147 (cutoff was 140) so I had to do the 3-hour test this morning. 
The procedure at my hospital lab was super laid-back.  I had my fasting checked, and when that came back OK, they gave me a little slip of paper with the remaining 3 blood draw times on it and just said to be back on time for those, no staying in the waiting room required.  I didn't give any thought to it, spent some of the time sitting and reading, but did walk 20-25 mins between each draw to get some fresh air and to get out of the busy (loud) waiting room.  I already got the call that I passed the test, but a co-worker is saying that I might have "cheated" the test because walking lowers your glucose levels.  I only agreed to take the test because I wanted something almost definitive and hate that I might have screwed it up.  Any input on what I should do?

Re: Accidentally "cheated" my 3-hour glucose test?

  • Call your doctor and ask?

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  • I was actually told to walk around during my test for a more accurate result. As long as you weren't doing hard exercise you're probably fine, especially since you barely failed the one hour test.
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  • I was also allowed to walk during my three-hour test. If you're worried, call your doctor and ask.
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    I was told I couldn't walk around after I drank the juice drink, that it skewed the results. I sat there the whole 3 hours and only got up to get my blood drawn or if I needed to go to the bathroom. I would call your doctor. 
  • Finally got a call back from the doctor.  She explained that for 1-hour tests at their office, they don't allow women to go out and walk around because they've had people become faint or dizzy and have trouble making their way back.  For the 3 hour, she said the hospital doesn't have the same worries about liability and that they let you walk around because pregnant ladies shouldn't be sitting for 3 hours straight, nor do they feel those periods of walking can impact your levels enough to matter.   Thanks for the input!
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