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Gagging at meal times

LO has started gagging himself until he throws up at meal times. It's been going on a couple of days now and I have no idea what to do about it. So far I'm just ignoring it in the hopes that he will eventually stop it. Anyone else dealt with this? I'm really tired of cleaning up barf on his tray... and in his diaper... and on him in general...

Re: Gagging at meal times

  • Is he gagging on food or nothing at all? My LO will jam everything on her tray into her mouth so we have to pace her and only give her a couple things at a time until she's swallowed whatever she already has in her mouth.
  • He is shoving his fingers down his throat and gagging himself. Though he used to gag on any food with texture. Boys are gross...
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  • Mine also gets a little over excited when eating sometimes and keeps cramming in more food without swallowing until he gags.  We have to keep reminding him to swallow.  
    Maybe yours likes your reaction or something?  What are you doing when it happens?
  • @nackie he does it when there isn't any food in his mouth. I think he may just be exploring the feeling. As of right now I'm just ignoring it and cleaning him up after he barfs a little. I feel like if I acknowledge it when he does things like this it just turns it into a game and he thinks it's funny. Ugh. Hopefully this phase passes soon.
  • Yeah, it sounds like its just a novelty that he recently discovered.  Hopefully it loses its appeal soon
  • Brynlee has been doing this, but not at meal time! Tonight has been awful! She shoves both hands in, as far back as she can until she gags and pukes...
  • @barrettj89 glad I'm not the only one, but it sure is gross.... kids are sooooo weird....
  • Yup, it sounds like "normal" exploration. I'd keep doing exactly what you're doing and not worry about it unless it continues long-term. :)
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