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16 Month Old Refusing to Nap

This is the 5th straight day of my 16 month old refusing to actually take a nap. I've left her in her crib for "independent time", because I refuse to let her get into a habit of not napping, or having down time. She usually just plays & babbles in her crib, but sometimes she cries until I cave. Anyone else dealing with this?  

Re: 16 Month Old Refusing to Nap

  • We are getting a nap, but the length of it is ALL over the place.  He wakes everyday anywhere between 6:15-7:00, and I typically put him down for his nap at around 11.  It usually takes him a good 15-20 minutes to fall asleep, some days more.  Weird thing is, his nap varies SO much.  It can be anywhere from 50 minutes to 2.5 hours in length...we NEVER know.  Drives me bonkers with how inconsistent it is!  I'm wondering if maybe it's time to push his nap back later and put him down around 11:30 or 12.  Who knows!

    Our pediatrician was telling us at our last appointment that if they do refuse nap, continue putting them down for "quiet time".  
  • Not in the same boat but damn girl, I hurt for you! I LOVE naptime!!!! I hope she gets back into the swing of things and it was just a phase. 
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  • My son is also 16 months and was having trouble napping and I think it may have been due to less outside time because the winter weather has been so crummy. Being outside even if that meant suiting up in the snow for 10 min really helped his naps and nighttime sleep. I would try that, make sure her tummy is full, and make sure she's showing signs of being tired and not just putting her in the crib when she used to nap, babies are always changing things up on us. I'd also consider a couple quiet toys she only gets in the crib for naptime, that might make her fuss less even if she doesn't "nap". Best of luck! I feel your pain, my son has never been an easy sleeper and just started sleeping through the night at 15 months 
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    We are all over the place with our naps. There are days DS doesn't nap at all. I totally understanf how frustrating and tiring it can get when they dont want to nap! However the days he doesn't nap he's asleep and in bed by 7!

    When he refuses to nap I just let him have down time in his play pen with the TV turned off (or one of his favorite movies on low) and the lights dimmed while I work or clean for a bit (I work from home). I find if I put him in his crib when he's not ready he screams and will make himself sick because he gets so upset. I find evendors the quiet time in the play pen gives him a rest when he doesn't want to nap.
  • We are back in the groove today! Fingers crossed this is/was just a phase! 
  • We were on one nap for a while but there is an 18 month regression which for us has meant early wake ups.  On days when he wakes at 6 I've got him back on 2 naps but on days that he wakes at 7 am we are on one.  I hate having two schedules and the early mornings are killing me with a newborn so hopefully he will be back to normal soon.  
  • It must be their age! Emma is fighting every nap too, although she eventually gives in. I'm exhausted. 
  • Baby girl has been skipping her evening nap lately. She's 16 mths also. She'll usually wake up about 7:30. First nap is 9:30-11ish. Then second nap 2:30-4ish. And bedtime at 8.
    She goes down fine for her morning nap...she's always getting tired right at 9:30. But She's been not sleeping during that second nap though...but I leave her in crib for quiet time anyways.
    I was gonna transition her to just one nap a day but it's hard to keep her awake past 9:30am...she starts getting cranky. 
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