Pregnant after a Loss

Ovulation after a loss

how many days did it take to ovulate after a loss? Did you count the miscarriage date as the first day of your cycle? I had my first loss dec 21. Was 5.5 weeks pregnant only measured 3/4 weeks. 

Re: Ovulation after a loss

  • Hi there. So sorry for your loss. I may have ovulated before I got my period, but I didn't start tracking it until I'd had one period after mc. That took five weeks, so seven weeks after mc, I ovulated. Personally, I wanted to follow my doctor's recommendation to have one period before starting to try again because I wanted to give my body and my emotions time to heal. You do what's best for you of course, but for me, I needed that time while waiting for my period for healing. And even then, when I got pregnant on that first try seven weeks later, I still had a LOT of pain and cramping which resulted in checking for ectopic pregnancy (which is wasnt, thank goodness) because my mc had been so recent. But that may not happen to you. Good luck, and I'm sorry again for your loss. 
  • I'm so sorry for your loss @HeavensAngel20x . Similar to @HGRich my doctor wanted me to wait a full cycle to start trying again so I didn't even start to track until after my period returned. I will say that after my m/c my ovulation days changed. Prior to being pregnant, I ovulated pretty religiously on day 12 or 13. After my D&C I was closer to 16 and sometimes 17 or 18.
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  • I never MC naturally and had DnCs both times. The first time it took me 9 weeks to get my first period, the second time it took 4-5 weeks. I also used to ovulate like clockwork, but it took a couple cycles each time to get back to normal. 
  • I'm sorry for your loss.

    I had a missed-miscarriage that eventually passed naturally.  This was my timeline:
    • Baby likely stopped developing ~ July 7-10ish (based on u/s measurements later on), I would have been 9-1/2 weeks
    • Miscarriage bleeding July 24-Aug 2 (10 days)
    • Likely ovulation Aug 18 (cd 26 if starting with the day the mc bleeding started)
    • First period started Sept 1st (cd 39)
    • My next cycle was an average length, with ovulation a few days later than typical. 
    • The cycle after that we conceived again, and my ovulation was right on track, maybe a day or so later than it had been previously.
    I have PCOS, so most months my cycles are ~32 days (with ovulation signs ~cd 16-18), but some months they are quite a bit longer.  I'll also sometimes get the temp increase and/or a positive opk without a true ovulation, per u/s.

    All that said, my doctor was surprised that my cycles came back to normal so quickly.  I think it depends a lot on how far along you were, how quickly your hcg and other hormones go down, overall health, what your pre-pregnancy "normal" was, and a million other things. 

    Like others have said, my doc recommended waiting a full cycle before we tried again, and it was definitely right for us to have the few months of re-set before we dove back in.  I really only had a few weeks between feeling back to myself (yet still grieving) and when the symptoms of the new pregnancy set in.  Again, this is what was right for us, not for everyone. 
  • Thank you! My OB stated I could start asap after I stopped bleeding. 
  • Thank you for your timeline! 
  • Thanks everyone! 
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