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New House- making Baby crazy!

We recently moved to a new house about a week ago. Since then baby has been all over the place cranky, fussy and not sleeping. She came down with her first cold that can be the culprit, but she also not sleeping well in her new room and environment. It's been a huge change for us ( from 1 bedroom apartment to 4 bedroom house) She isn't eating much ( solids or her bottles) and I just keep offering and offering. Prior to moving we were on a pretty good schedule with 2 naps , 3 bottles and 3 meals. Now it's all gone down the drain. I can't figure out if it's the cold, if she's ready to drop a nap, or if it's her new environment. Or just a trifecta??? 
Im at my wits end! 

Help me , help her! Any advice?!?

Re: New House- making Baby crazy!

  • The cold can have a lot to do with it. My LO had a cold a couple of weeks ago and hardly ate for a week. He also slept like crap that week because he couldn't breathe well. Do you have a Nose Frida? Using that before bed really helped us out. As to the moving, all I can say is to stay on a schedule and be consistent. Good luck!
  • All of that sounds exactly like my DS when he's got a cold.  He gets a little out of sorts sleeping in a new place sometimes too.
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  • Yep a few weeks ago we travelled with baby, new house and she got a cold.  She barely ate anything and was fussy and waking up a lot when she usually is always happy and a good sleeper.  At her 12 month check up pediatrician said it's totally normal for babies to not eat if they're under the weather and no need to worry about it as they catch up when they feel better.  Id suggest don't push the eating if your baby doesn't want it as it becomes a source of frustration for both of you, and give baby plenty of extra hugs and cuddles and give her tours of the house explaining what every room is with some time to check it all out so she becomes familiar and at ease with it.  Good luck !  I imagine it's a rough few days but will get better soon. 
  • I would say it's the cold my daughter also just can down with her first cold a week ago or so and she was the same way. Now for the new house we are in the process of moving to our first house from a two bedroom apartment as well. Since closing we have been down there seeing as it's just across town from where we live now getting it cleaned so I'm hoping that will help get her familiar cause right now she won't let us put her down there sometimes she's ok and even naps there occasionally if we are there long enough. I've read to try to keep things the same so the crib the same blankets sheets toys etc. Spend time in the bedroom playing and setting the tone of the room as a safe place. I'm hoping our daughter will transition well it's hard when they've only known one place since birth. Good luck
  • You might also be in the middle of leap 8...  Regardless of the cause, I think you just gotta power through and give yourself a free pass on chores, etc. until things get better. 
  • We moved when baby was 3 months, which made my son 16 months. I'd say his response would be closer to your LO's. He had a lot of anxiety. We were buried in boxes, with a toddler and a colicky baby. It was a stressful situation all around and he could tell. The best thing we did was make his room as familiar as possible. Same sheets as the old house, same toys, decorations, sound machine, etc. Also, we sat in his glider and let him run around his room and explore. If he fussed even the slightest, we tried to get there quickly just so that he understood that we were there and didn't leave him somewhere strange. 
    As for the cold, I'm positive it isn't helping the situation. My kids have both been sick for over 2 weeks (I'm so over this mess), and we absolutely haven't had a decent night's sleep in that long. I ended up putting the crib wedge under my daughter's mattress to help keep her upright to prevent the coughing. 
    Good luck! 
  • Thank you all!
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