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Baby shaking inside?

Hello everyone! I am freaking out a little about some movements that I have been feeling. I am 28 weeks and the baby is super active with kicks, punches etc! I have been starting to feel sometimes I will feel like the baby is shivering or shuddering in there.. It doesn't last too long maybe 30 second or so and then the normal movements. I made the mistake of googling this and up popped up fetus in uterine seizures.. has anyone else been experiencing these sensations? Anyone know what this may be? It's definitely not hiccups as I have felt these before many times and there is a difference in sensations. I never had this with my first pregnancy! Hoping I'm not alone 

Re: Baby shaking inside?

  • I've felt these movements too. I found another forum where someone said their OB explained it as a "ripple" in the amniotic fluid. As in, the movement isn't big enough to be felt like a kick but it ripples through the amniotic fluid to where the mother can feel it. Not much help but hopefully it makes you feel better! 
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  • I've felt them too :)
  • I have felt this too but not for as long as thirty seconds! I mostly feel the shuddering motion and it is a little unnerving. If you're feeling shaking or shuddering that lasts up to 30 seconds that would concern me. either way, bring it up with your doctor! There are no stupid questions especially when it comes to the well being of your sanity and baby! 
  • Felt it too, so try not to worry to much.....thats what I am telling myself lol
  • I have felt it too, and I remember having the same concerns with past pregnancies ("omg is baby having a seizure in utero??!" because that's totally what it can feel like sometimes)... all of my babies have been perfectly healthy thus far so I don't worry about it anymore.
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  • You ladies honestly don't know how much better I feel! Just knowing I'm not alone and knowing that others in the past have experienced it and all have healthy babies! Thanks so much!! 
  • I've felt this with my first pregnancy and this one as well! I remember being paranoid about it the first time and I didn't really think much about it this time. 
  • Yes this totally happens to me, too. It happened while I was in L&D for dehydration after a bad stomach bug, just as the nurse was adjusting the monitor on my belly. My belly was shaking like CRAZY and she didn't think anything of it. 
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