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I woke up this morning with a rash all over my face and neck- and boy does it itch!!!!

I haven't changed soaps...detergent.....

I've showered and put lotion on- which only seemed to irritate it. Anyone have any ideas on WHAT this could be from????

Re: Rash??

  • have you googled PUPPPS to see if it resembles that. Way more common for women pregnant with boys. I had it with my 1st. If you do determine that it's this, the only thing that helped me were dandelion root capsules. I've mentioned this on the board before but I had the rash so bad I promised myself I'd relay this info to anyone who might need it. Obviously I'm not a dr. and you can consult yours. Just throwing it out there to cover all bases... I hope whatever it is you feel better!
  • You just woke up with it one day?? Out of nowhere?? Im almost 30 weeks!
  • I did look at it but what I read said it wouldn't be on face or neck
  • it generallly starts around the belly. Mine spread to my neck though after a while. but ya i woke up one day around 32 weeks and was very itchy on my belly, which spread to my legs and arms and eventually just about everywhere. were you out in the sun a lot? pregnancy can make you more sensitive to sunlight? do you have an appointment soon?
  • No! I do live in FL but our weather has been gorgeous like 50-70's last two days or so

    Last night in the middle of the night I woke up feeling itchy but I was too tired to turn on all the lights and investigate.

    But when I woke up - I was covered face, neck and onto chest

    I itch SO BAD

  • I had a similar thing in my first and second tri with DS, but it was only on my kneecaps and upper thighs! It looked like huge mosquito bites and the more I itched it the redder it got. Never figured out what it was. I would definitely consult your doc on this one though- rash of face and neck is rarely "just nothing". Try calamine lotion or rubbing a paste of warm water and raw oatmeal, or hydrocortisone cream! 
  • I had pupps with my son. it was worse then labour. dandelion root did help. ended up getting a very mild hydrocortisone cream after delivery too because it stuck around. I wouldn't wish pupps on my worst enemy.  
  • Ive been popping benedryll and using cortisone cream
  • Sorry to jump in, I'm from May2016 but whenever I see something with Pupps I feel like I have to try and help.

    I got pupps when I was about 32 weeks Ftm to a boy. It didn't present itself like the textbooks so no doctor would call it pupps. I was adamant about getting treated and no one was taking me seriously. Try and get to a dermatologist asap. After weeks of no answers with my OB, GPs, and an ER trip, a dermatologist finally said "well it's different than the traditional pupps but that's what it is." And gave me steroids and every type of cortisone cream possible. Advocate for yourself because I'll tell you, my unmedicated labor and delivery was way more pleasant than Pupps. 
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