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To do PGS testing or not for egg donor.

Hi all, 
I am recently matched with an egg donor so I was wondering people's thoughts or experiences on whether or not I should do PGS testing. My donor is 21. My new doctor doesn't think it is necessary but other Doctor believes in it. In theory, this young lady should have healthy embryos but I am torn. Any thoughts? 

Re: To do PGS testing or not for egg donor.

  • We did not do PGS testing and I am 7.5 months along into a healthy pregnancy. I've spoken with others who have done PGS - I can't speak for everyone but I know some who have had trouble because if the embryos come back abnormal they will not transfer. Do you have your own pros and cons?
  • My egg donor was 20 years old. Even so, 1 of 4 embryos had abnormalities on PGM testing. Even young women have a certain % of chromosomally abnormal eggs. So I transferred two of the normal embryos (both implanted but only 1 developed). The whole process is stressful (and slow!) enough that I wanted to do it just to remove extra cause for angst, and minimize risk of miscarriage.  Also, since I had a fading twin, it can make the MaterniT21 testing later on show false positives, so I was glad I had the extra peace of mind from the earlier PGM results.  For me and the lab my doctors used, PGM was 95% accurate (so not quite as good as the MaterniT21, but not bad). I think the bottom line is, if you can afford it, do it. If that stretches your budget too far (given fertility costs are always a stretch), then relying on the odds of the donor's age seems reasonable. Just my opinion and experience during my donor IVF. 
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  • My donor was late 20s but I wanted and did pgs testing. And was glad I did.  Only one of our two blasts was normal.  I also felt so much better early on in the pregnancy because I knew we had the pgs testing on our side.  It was also a plus to know the gender before pregnancy.  Everyone has to do what is best for them-- I knew this was best for me.
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