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Non. Movement

I'm 30 weeks with a quiet baby.. went to dr yesterday all was good but she's extra quiet.. I haven't felt her since this morning .. I'm deciding if it's a quiet day or I should go to l&d? Anyone able to advise 
thank you!!!

Re: Non. Movement

  • Can you eat or drink something sugary like apple juice?  Or, push on you tummy to wake LO up?  Sometimes that will get mine going.  If all else fails, go to labor and delivery for peace of mind.
  • I tried that!!!:( thank you!!
  • What's usually advised is you lay on your side for 2hrs-in that amount of time you try to feel 10movmwbts.  Like lcarp said-some juice or water (ice cold!) have a snack or maybe  warm shower? Goodluck
  • I had two pretty quiet days in a row last week, where I wasn't really feeling much movement. I got pretty nervous and listened to his heart beat a couple of times with my home Doppler. But then yesterday he wouldn't stop moving all day long. It was probably one of his most active days yet. I think it all depends on positioning. But don't drive yourself crazy. If you are that worried, call your doctor. They may send you to L&D just for your own peace of mind.
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    Do you have an anterior placenta? I do and this is why I barely feel movements unless it's the very big ones which don't happen too often. I was at the hospital last night for something unrelated but she asked if baby moves a lot, I said I don't feel much but on the heart rate monitor baby was moving quite a bit even if I didn't feel it. If you absolutely can't feel any movement with the suggested tips above I don't see anything wrong with being extra cautious and getting checked out. 
  • Ok I just ate/drinking something sweet so hopefully it does the trick or I'll go!  Thank you!!
  • Ice cold water does the trick for mine.  If I drank water and put pressure on my belly while laying down (mimic an US) and didn't feel anything I'd be off the l&d, though my girl is "wild" as my husband says, apparently he can feel the movement through my back while I sleep :# I know my Dr said sometimes the movement gets muted as they progress & are squished but you should absolutely be able to feel something.  I hope yours is enjoying their rest or located in a spot that makes it tough to 'feel.'  If in a tough spot a home Doppler may be worth inquiring about  :)
  • @Burrberrymum I hope everything is ok. 

    I think, to some extent, every baby is a bit different. My Baby A is super chill and I only really feel him at night, or early morning, or when he has hiccups. Baby B is super active, all day every day and has only gotten hiccups one time. 

    Did drinking something sugary/cold help? I allow myself some caffeine in the morning sometimes (black tea, with steamed milk) and that generally gets both of them going. If you're not opposed to a little bit of caffeine, I would try that!
  • If the eating something sweet or drinking cold water doesn't work I would go in
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    @direwolfmini Thank you! Baby is perfect. I however either have some kind of gastro, or my body is coping really badly to stress right now. 
  • On Friday night and half the day yesterday baby was not moving a lot then last night she went back to her normal routine. Like everyone said a cold glass of water usually does the trick for me. This morning I felt like she was trying to run out of me the kicks were so hard.

  • Thanks everyone!! I went in and she's fine I think she's just being stubborn.. hopefully I won't have to keep going in!!!
  • One thing that reassured me was to see lots of movement in the ultrasound that I didn't feel. I only feel my little girl when she is positioned certain ways. 
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