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FMLA/ Surrogate Question

Hey guys! I am currently in the process of IVF using a surrogate. Transfer will be in the next couple months ( eeeek! ) Anyways I will be able to use 12 weeks of FMLA after the baby is born. My work does not offer paid FMLA, I will have to use PTO. I have only been with this company for 6 months and PTO builds very slowly here. If I save all of my PTO until the child is born,  I will have almost three weeks of paid leave.  I was really hoping there was some insurance I could purchase that would pay during FMLA leave, but I don't believe anything like that exists.

   Anyone have this problem before? and what did you do? ( I can not use short term disability since I am not the one giving birth.)


Re: FMLA/ Surrogate Question

  • Hi! How exciting, so much wonderful will happen. 
    This board is very quiet, but try pregnant after IF. Us ladies are very active there and a few of us that had babies have a post every month and there is a 'random' every month.
    Im not from US, so haven't any advice. But do look into pregnant after IF!


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  • I don’t know how it works if you have a surrogate but even if you were pregnant to purchase insurance for short term on your own would have to be before you get pregnant. I had my first where my 6 weeks paid started 5 weeks before I gave birth and I was unpaid for my 11 weeks after my son’s birth. It was a struggle for sure but I chose to be in the hole then go back at a month when they requested me back. Since your not transferring for a few months you will have a good amount of time at your company before the baby comes. If money is the concern I just wouldn’t take off period unless necessary. I’m at a company where you can only use what your accure which is probably like yours. I get 6 hours every 2.5 weeks so I’m trying my best to not use leave for anything to save that for later on. Good luck!!!

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  • Hi, my friend was able to purchase an Aflac plan several years ago that paid for her time off. I think there’s a waiting period though so time is definitely of the essence!
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