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What is taking progesterone like? Effects?

My doctor is going to start me on Progesterone tonight. The brand name was Promethazine, but we bought the generic of Progesterone because it was way cheaper. I know it's supposed to be taken vaginally, but I'm wondering about side effects, especially when it comes to tracking BBT and spotting. Will taking progesterone give me high BBT even if I'm not pregnant? And will it gives me pregnancy like symptoms even if I'm not pregnant? Any crazy mood swings? 

Re: What is taking progesterone like? Effects?

  • when I found out I was 4 weeks pregnant my progesterone was at 9.5 and OB wanted it at 10 so she prescribed me the same thing.  200mg taken orally once a day.  I took it only 1 night and had a horrible reaction to it.  She said I was probably allergic to it.  I've heard if its taken vaginally you will have a pinkish discharge.  I've also heard it may make you sleepy.  I won't tell you my symptoms because I don't want to scare you.
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  • I honestly don't even know if I ever needed it.  It's something I will ask my OB about next week when I see her.  If I do in fact need it - I will research a cream that you can buy at vitamin shop.  Something more natural and not from the pharmacy.
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  • I've not taken progesterone, but I've heard a lot on forums that the suppositories can create a considerable amount of discharge. So until you know how they affect you, I'd recommend sanitary liners. I know it's gross to think about, but I didn't want you to be surprised. 
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  • You will have a pink discharge but it is weird looking pink. I wear a pantyliner when I use it and you will notice some pink or white color when you pee. I also feel a little more emotional the first two days (not sure if it the progesterone or just a normal part of my cycle).  It also makes my stomach bloat a lot!  I think the first time I took it had a headache. But not too many side effects. It did make it so my period showed up a day or two later. 
  • So my period will come while I take it if I'm not pregnant, I don't have to stop taking it for my period to come?
  • yep. I stop taking mine when my period starts. 
  • I've done both vaginal and oral progesterone. The suppositories make a mess so you will definitely need to wear a liner. I don't remember having many side effects from it, but it's been 6 years, so my memory has faded lol.

    I have been doing oral progesterone since May after I ovulate and I also took it the entire time with the pregnancy I lost. I have never slept so well in my life as I do when I take them! I get horrible mood swings, incredibly tired and slightly nauseous when I take them, so I've always taken them as I'm going to bed to sleep through all that lol. 

    You have to make sure you aren't using it until you are sure you have ovulated since it will prevent you from ovulating. But then use it up until your period comes (but hopefully it doesn't because you're pregnant!)
  • Also, yes, it can cause pregnancy symptoms even if you're not pregnant. Sore boobs, nausea, fatigue, etc 
  • Thanks guys, I'm 6 dpo now.  I took the first one last night, so far it gave me some cramps right after I took it, and I'm not sure if it made me sleepy or if I was just exhausted anyway. It made my heart race a little too right after. 
  • @heatherwilson321 - glad it didn't affect you too much.  Now that you took it I'll tell you what it did to me.  I had the oral pills.  I took 1 right before bed.  I woke up 2 hours later with the worst heartburn of my life, diarrhea and tingly hands.  I didn't take it again.  Googled a bit online and progesterone relaxes you so apparently it relaxed my entire body lol.  OB told me not to take it anymore.
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