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Traveling with an Infant

I had a trip to Disney schedule for February and with visa my doctor advised against it. I recently changed this to end of June when the baby will be approximately 2 months. I also will have a three year old coming along. My question is should I fly or drive. The drive will be from WI and broke up into three days. Any advice is appeciated.

Re: Traveling with an Infant

  • I guess it depends on your wee one..
    My little girl hasn't liked driving in a I would rather travel by plane. She might not be fond of that either, but it'll be faster. 
    I'll know by the end of next month as we have our first flight :)

    Although Pia, my little girl, is now 10 weeks she is doing much better in the car. She, I believe, has separation anxiety. She wants to be close ALL THE TIME. With the Lulla Doll she actually has fallen asleep. (
    Since you travel with family, you will have someone to entertain the little one. Which might help with the long drive.

    I would say, try driving around a wee bit the first month and see what you are comfortable with.
    As for the flight, it should be ok for your little one. And if you manage to stay relaxed even when your little one might loose it, that journey will be fine. Has the 3 year old travelled by plane? He might be very exited to do so! Buy a new toy, colour book or something to give on the plane. Something new is always fun and could entertain during the flight.


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