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Audio only baby monitor

 anyone have an audio only baby monitor you recommend? We have a Nest video monitor and a Vtech DM221 audio monitor. The audio monitor is constantly unlinkinh from unit in the baby room and when it does it makes a loud beep. Never happens at 8pm when we put him down, only in the middle of the night when I'm finally asleep. Happened 3 times last night and I'm done with it. Apparently it is a common problem with this unit, ugh. We got it as a gift from our registry I don't know if we will be able to exchange but I'm going to try 

Re: Audio only baby monitor

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    We have a graco one, not sure on more specific details than that however. We got it with DD and it's still working for DS now. Occasionally it will disconnect and beep but it's not very often. I'm happy with it.
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