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    Hey all!  I'm a little late to this party but wanted to join in.  I'm a TTM (?), with a 4 year old son and a 2 year old daughter.  We got our BFP a couple of weeks ago.  My first appt is next Thursday; I'm excited to see the little squirt! I'll do my best to catch up with you's exciting to see so many of us! (And clearly I can't get my ticker to work...ugh.) 

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  • Hi Ladies! I am a stm and I am so excited to be able to share this journey with you all. The first time around the Bump Community was a god send! I didn't find out I was pregnant until last week so I'm a little late to the party. This pregnancy has already been so different than my first. I have my first appointment tomorrow! 2/10. . . wish my luck!

    I look forward to talking to you all :)
  • I didn't notice this before, sorry!
    I've been around the knot/nest/bump since before my wedding 10 years ago, but I started a new account :)
    I am due with my third around the 19th! I am glad this board is active!
  • Hi everyone! I'm due September 19. I'm a FTM but lost an Angel baby in Decemeber. Conceived 2 weeks later and am nervous but hopeful and excited for this little one. I've had two ultrasounds and my first ob appointment is in 2 weeks. Currently living in Indiana but joining my Marine husband is North Carolina soon! Looking forward to getting to know everyone!
  • First time momma to be here. + test on 1/31 and first ob appt on 2/13 (about 7 weeks)... we're anxious to see the little boog and just hoping everything is going ok!! I feel great, but just like I have no control over the situation... fingers crossed everything is a-ok!
  • @ElleKH welcome! I'm an S14 mom and like you, this LO's due date (9/18) is the same as my DD's as well...except I was induced & she arrived 9/9! It's a great day to have a baby! :) 

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     #1: 8wks MMC 4/16
    #2: 13+4 T21 + Hydrops 3/17
  • @Texafornian, that's awesome!! And yes, 9/9 is such an easy date to remember. Thanks for the warm welcome. <3
  • Welcome @ElleKH feel free to jump in and comment and post! This group is so much nicer than my previous BMB, I can see actually sticking around this time! I was in Jan16, and I left early because it just wasn't fun. Welcome welcome!
    Also welcome @Rhubarb7216 a good check in for you might be the FTM check in! Lots of good peeps and good info there! 
  • Hello ladies! My name is Stephenie I am a 3rd time mommy! I am 7 weeks along. My first 2 are boys so we're hoping for a girl this time. So far the pregnancy isn't brining on too much as far as morning sickness. I am definitely having fatigue and breast tenderness. I am due Sept 29th. 
  • @daniellelynette - Thank you! I am already loving this group. So many friendly and fun mamas. I'm glad you feel more at home here. We're glad to have you! <3 
  • I'm new here and expecting #6! Any other big family mamas out there?
    Me (29) + DH (34) = 4/25/06
    J (B) - 1/26/07 | L (G) 5/23/08 | F (B) 3/14/10 | E (G) 12/5/12 | A (G) 7/17/15 | #6 AND #7 (!) due 9/15/17

  • Welcome, @bmoonstar! We have a really great group of kind mamas so far and we're very glad to have you!
  • Hello hello! A tad late to the party. This is my 3rd! I have an almost 3 year old and a 10 month old. I can't believe I'm here again. This will definitely be my last!! I think I am due 9/18, things have been off since I'm still breastfeeding my 10 month old. My first appointment is next week and I'll be 10 weeks according to the 9/18 due date. Which is awesome because I will definitely do the blood draw to find out the gender. Yea I know that's not the point of it, but this kid is staying so that's my main reason for getting it. I do think this is a girl! I have two boys and my pregnancies were identical with them. Morning sickness/all day sickness until 7 weeks. Bloated. Etc. this time nothing. No nausea whatsoever and other than a little bloat after eating, I feel totally myself. But we'll confirm and if it's all things pink then we're in trouble because I want everything Zara has in their girl collection right now haha Well I've babbled on enough! Congratulations to all the September mammas!!
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  • wyomama0427wyomama0427 member
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    @geminioftwo hey that's what we Gemini do, we talk a lot!!! I'm the same way! I'm also still breastfeeding and my cycles are sooo off, according to LMP my due date would be like august 22nd but I'm going off the fact I'm pretty sure I ovulated way late on cycle day 34. It will be interesting to see what we measure! Breastfeeding does weird things to the body! Welcome :)

    edited to say my cycles WERE crazy but obviously I'm pregnant now lol 
  • Hey mommies!!!!! My name is Shanice and I am a 28 year old STM. My little one is due September 15th and we are praying for a girl this time.
  • Hi Ladies! 28 year old, first time mom here. Our baby is due Sep 19. Looking forward to spending the next 7 months with you all! 

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  • Hello :) 
    Finally beginning to post. FTM here and I am 8w1d so far. Our baby is due 9/30 (just squeezing into september), but I historically ovulate late in my cycle sooo I'm not sure if we will get bumped to October the farther along we get! My husband and I are so excited, but I am terrified almost all of the time!!!
  • @EmilyE13 I am so so sorry for your loss! My heart hurts for you and your family and Baby B. I hope you can find some healing. I am glad you are here with us though, this is a really great board! Welcome welcome! 
  • ganeshan1982ganeshan1982 member
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    All the best☺ Marlous
  • @EmilyE13 I'm an IVF baby from many moons ago (will be 27 in a few weeks.) I was a baby A after my mom lost baby B. I'm a perfectly healthy and thriving IVF baby and am super proud of it (and my mom never let's me forget it! She says the good Lord knew that she could only handle one of me!) Love, hugs, and lots of thoughts and prayers sent to you!
  • Hi everyone. I am due end of Sept. Im a 3rd time mom. Have my apt next week and very nervous! PGAL brain here...but trying not to let it get to me too much! I have 2 other DDs (5 and 18 months). Praying for a healthy baby!  Nice to meet you all.
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    Hi everyone! 
    I'm a FTM w/ EDD 9/15. It was 9/8, but after my 2nd appointment, it got moved out. I got my BFP on New Years Eve...THAT was an interesting night. Haha! Anyway, I can't wait to get to know you ladies...September sisters! :blush:
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  • Hi ladies! This is my second and I already have a 9 month old girl. My husband and I live (just moved) to Orange County with our in laws so life is pretty eventful. Can't wait to meet everyone, I was a lurker last time and want the community this time :)
  • Hi! Im a second time mom. My older daughter was born July 2015. I'm expecting my second early September and am located in Southern California. 
  • Hi everyone! I am a 2nd time mom due 9/5. I was an active member of the November 2014 board. I have a feisty, fun and oh so smart 2 year old. Excited to be doing it all again! 
  • Hello all! I'm a FTM due 9/14 and from Los Angeles. Officially 12 weeks today. Starting to not feel horribly nauseous all the time and thought I would introduce myself and start being a little more active here. 
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  • DanaG said:
    Hi everyone! I am a 2nd time mom due 9/5. I was an active member of the November 2014 board. I have a feisty, fun and oh so smart 2 year old. Excited to be doing it all again! 
    Hi! Do you remember your old username? Myself and @pregnantaf (firstbabydoyle) are both from N14. Congratulations!
  • Thank you! Congrats to you as well!! I couldn't remember my old username so I created a new one! 
  • Hi everyone my name is Sharon! 
    My EDD is 9-10-2017, which is extra special since it is a date where my heart was broken when my cousin, USMC was killed in Iraq, I was very close to him all my life so it was very emotional to hear that date but it must be a blessing!
    I live in extreme South NJ at the Jersey Shore, not the TV one, lol the better one, haha like Cape May and Ocean City! I am 36, 37 at end of this month so it was now or never to start the baby making! 
    My first baby, previously only fur babies!
    Excited and nervous but totally clueless, lol I may change my user name to that!
  • @micaelagiles you live in Ireland?! That is so cool! I have always always wanted to go there!! I'm so jealous lol. 
  • @Inanigloo I am so sorry about your son, that makes my heart hurt. Sending all the good juju your way for this pregnancy!
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