Pregnant after 35


Hi Ladies,
I'm finally moving over from the TTC after 35 board! 
After 2.5 years of TTC, 4 early losses, a failed IUI, male factor, and facing the financial crisis of how to afford Ivf; we managed to conceive naturally. I am over the moon that so far this pregnancy seems to be very strong and sticky.  :)

I am 7w2d due late August.
Had a couple of doubling HCG betas and even saw and heard baby's heartbeat via ultrasound last week.
This will be my 5th child, but my fiancé's first. 

We are feeling very fortunate and blessed. Looking forward to reaching the second trimester. 

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Re: Introduction

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    I am 39 years old from Portland, Oregon. 
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    I'm lurking for an update of how you and your bean are doing??? 
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    Yay @createillumination, thanks for checking in :)
    All is going well. Had my second ultrasound nearly 2 weeks ago and baby was moving around and HR was at 182!

    NT scan and genetic testing coming up on Monday!
    Excited and nervous. I missed my first prenatal visit beause I was so tired that when I went to nap ahead of time, I set my alarm for too late. So yea, that happened.
    I will be 11weeks on Saturday. 
    Still taking diclegis and battling nausea, but I do think it's improving in general. 

    Hope that you and the ladies are doing well!!!!!
    Give everyone my love xo
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    I'm so happy that things are going well! You are almost to the 2nd tri woot woot. Sorry about the nausea but at least you probably feel very very pregnant. Your man must he so happy! I love the fact you slept through your appointment- classic pregnancy symptom. I bet it has happened many times to many pregnant women;) We want to keep hearing updates and so wish you'd join us someday! But in the meantime take care of yourself and that little bean. FX for the NT scan o:)
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    How is everything going??? @thistle8677
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    Hello @createillumination!!!! 
    I love that I only randomly check the board, and sometimes you're here checking on me!
    How are you and you sweet family?!!! How's little man doing? 

    I feel great :)
    Got past a really intense 12-13 weeks of severe morning sickness and now I've got energy and feeling little baby girl (Fiona) squirm, swim and kick!  :)
    Starting to build a couple of registries and trying not to get too overwhelmed at how much we need! 
    I didn't expect after my 4th child that I would ever have more, so gave everything away! 

    Please update me and say hello to the ladies! I email with @CarrieandRoy often (less often these days, but always thinking of her and all of you!)

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    Please please pretty please join us!! ;) 

    my little guy is doing so well. He's 5months, 18lbs and in size 4 diapers- he's huge!! He's getting his 1st tooth and it's time to start solids soon. I love this age the most so far especially since we get to sleep!! I am so not ok without sleep. 

    It must feel so sureal to finally be pregnant- yipee. And a baby girl, that's so fantastic! I'm so glad to hear the crippling nausea is mostly done. 

    Seriously think about getting a Facebook just to join us, I promise we'll keep you entertained! Keep growing that little peanut and taking care of yourself!

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    Oh my goodness, thank you for the update!!! These are exciting milestones! I still haven't made up my mind about Facebook! Just know you're not alone in your efforts to recruit me back, ha! 
    Give my love to the ladies!!!!
    xoxo @createillumination

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