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I had my son circumcised on Thursday of this past week and I am having some major mommy guilt. This wasn't a decision that DH and I made lightly. However after having him at home for almost two weeks before having his procedure I have realized his behavior seems to be effected. He seemed happier, more content before but now he is fussy, extremely gassy, and unsettled. I realize that it's only been three days, but did anyone else have the same kind of experience that I have had? Emotionally I am beating myself up for it. Where did my happy baby go?  Backstory: I waited for the circumcision because I delivered at a birth center with no OB. Not to mention I wanted my milk supply good and established beforehand. 
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Re: Circumcision Help

  • Hi @jonandjennifer, how is your little boy doing? 
    I hope he's back to his happy self.
    Im a mommy of a girl, so no advice, just wanted to check if it gotten better!


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  • [Lurking from birth boards]
    I just wanted to say I felt the exact same way with my youngest.  He was in the NICU for a week and they didn't do the circumcision at the hospital, and so it was almost a month (!) before he finally got it done in the pediatrician's office.  It seemed like they were trying to passive-aggressively discourage me from having it done at all, but DH and I feel that it's important so I pressed the issue.  It seemed SO much harder compared with when our oldest two sons were born!  I'm still kind of mad they put me off for so long.  But anyway, he is absolutely fine now, thankfully.

    If you feel like he is acting really really fussy and something's wrong, don't hesitate to call or bring him in to the doctor.  But it's definitely normal to feel guilty.  Try not to worry; he will probably feel better very soon.
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