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    @DiFazette haha yeah that's why I'm hesitant to cut it, it's so easy right now! Oh and it has lots of layers, it'd be triangle shaped if it didn't :D I actually really like it long like this, I just swear I've read things that say the older you get, you shouldn't have long hair.

    @PensiveCrayon Thank you!  <3
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  • @brittnic86 I say no age limit on long hair. Mines the longest it's been in awhile too. I have a weird rule with myself that hair must be at least long enough to cover my boobs. Not sure why. Haha. 
  • @brittnic86 your hair is gorgeous!  I hope there isn't an age limit because mine is down to my waist. 
  • Didn't SNL do a skit about mom hair? Like once you have a kid you need that short hair cut? 

    @brittnic86 your hair is super gorgeous. I'm actually pretty jealous... so I don't think you should cut it.
  • True @DiFazette - just today I googled about bangs. Decided they sound like work but I'm in danger of a mom-doo I feel 
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  • Me: 31 | DH: 31
    Together since 2003 | Married 2010
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    BFP April 18 2016 | EDD December 29, 2016
    Welcome baby A! January 9, 2017

    TTC#2 March 2018
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  • @brittnic86 I'm in the camp of no age limit on long hair.  I fully plan on being a grandma with a long white braid!
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    Me: 34 DH: 36
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  • brittnic86brittnic86 member
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    @PensiveCrayon hahahaha

    @karmba I feel like I will be that grandma too lol. 
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  • @brittnic86 i am 100% for long maintenance free hair. Keep it! You could always play with color if you want a change.
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  • I wish I could have long, maintenance free hair. My hair used to be to my butt but I have such thick and frizzy hair it was too much to keep up. I have my obviously short hair now and it works wonderful for me. All that to say, if you like your long hair---keep it!
  • I totally identify with that skit! Lol. Everyone told me after I had a child that I would cut my hair off but I actually find long hair easier! You can put in ponytail, bun, braid it, leave it down... so much more versatile and so many more options. I think with short hair you actually have to style it more
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  • That's the irony of those mom cuts - they are actually so much work! right? 
    I feel like I never got the whole hair thing figured out.
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    Mother of an April '15 baby
    Due December 16
  • That's the irony of those mom cuts - they are actually so much work! right? 
    I feel like I never got the whole hair thing figured out.
    Yes!  How can I rock the official SAHM 'tired mom' look of leggings/tunic/messy bun with short hair? 
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  • Stay long. It's gorgeous! My hair is about the same length and I fully plan to let it grow down to my lower back. If you're bored maybe you could do a balayage or something with color variation? My hair is currently ombred so my black brown roots fade and blend into the blonde so I don't have to go back very often for adjustment. Super low maintenance color wise.
  • Definitely keep your long hair! It's gorgeous. I love long hair and used to keep my hair long but decided that a shorter cut looks best with my face shape and is super low maintenance. I hardly brush/comb it and curling only takes a few minutes. 
  • @brittnic86 I think you're hair is really pretty the way that it is. I don't think there's a age limit on long hair either. My grandmother was in her 60s and had long hair down to her butt. & I've always had long hair down to the bottom of my back or to my butt too but really it's whatever you prefer. If it bothers you or you don't like it then that's completely your choice. 

    & My appetite has slowed down a little bit. I can pass with eating twice before DH gets home from work some days. Other days I get insanely hungry and want to eat everything. 

    & My question is Did anyone else have like a pretty strong sex drive before they got pregnant and then it tapered off once you were pregnant?  How long did it take you to start getting back to normal? How did you get your relationship back to normal if it did change at all? 
  • @cayaylonglegs /ded.  I think I'm highschool we called that the "woomph"

    @wynterwaddell I wish there was a standard answer to that. Pre-DD1 we had a great sex life and then things took a turn for the dry after she was born... things haven't gone back to the way they were but I'm hopeful that will change. Some people gain their drive back quickly and others never lose it so it's safe to say everyone's different.  Give it time... I'm a firm believer that there are seasons in life and for us this season isn't "sexy" but at some point we will get back to that. For now we find ways to work on the other aspects of our relationship that keep us connected like time and conversation and our overall friendship. 

    Hugs.. this can be such a trying time in a marriage. I know for me I've wanted so badly to want sex, but mentally and physically just can't get myself there. It's taken a lot of intentionally pushing myself to nurture other areas of our relationship even when I don't feel like it and same for him. 

  • @Christinaruth74 Well I really think our relationship is getting stronger and stronger over time. We didn't have sex much throughout my pregnancy because it hurt because of the swelling and he was accepting and understanding and supportive. I made a point to atleast have sex 1time a week when I was pregnant. i think my sex drive mainly tapered off because we weren't spending a lot of time together and weren't communicating like we used to because he was always so tired when he got home from work and he still is but I told him that I missed him and wished we spent more time together and he has been making a point to spend time with me and I feel like our communication and everything is going back to normal. & I'm not even fully healed yet and want to have sex but I know it isn't possible yet. But I think it will all go back to normal once I get fully healed up. I can't wait. 
  • @DiFazette We have a roomba! We just got it the first week of December. We have two small dogs and 2 cats, it does a great job. I had been fighting Dh on getting one for a long time. He thought we needed it, I didn't. It was our Christmas gift to ourselves. I love it! Ours can be scheduled so it's set to run at 7 am daily. It's one less thing for me to think about and I know the floor is clean if I put Leif down there.
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  • dmontgo said:
    Had to add Ashton's SS to our old insurance for tax purposes---saw the total bill for *just* his NICU stay: $56,000. With my stay, the birth, the circumcision, my medications and specialists, and then the frequent OB appointments---about $100k just to have my son and eventually bring him home. 

    Fortunately I had 2 insurances and paid about $3k total, which is completely paid off now.

    Just so crazy and sad that it costs that much. Thankful I had insurance or I would be in debt until I die!
    @dmontgo I stopped lookin at the itemizations coming for my stay, birth, and NICU when the number surpassed $300,000. 

    Insurance is a fantastic thing. Thank goodness. 
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  • @swhiddon33 after both DDs, sex was uncomfortable the first couple of tries. It's so sad because I remember looking forward to it. I'm nervous to get the ok in a couple of weeks, mixed with feeling bad for ignoring DH for so long. It does get better after a few months, but the whole breastfeeding does take away- I can't take my bra off or the girls will leak everywhere.

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