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Pocket diaper inside layer

Hello! I was wondering if any cloth diaper mamas would mind sharing their opinion on this. I am currently making pocket cloth diapers (similar to Fuzzibunz) I have been using microfleece as the inside stay-dry layer. I am wondering if I should also make some with athletic wicking fabric as the inside? What inside fabric do you prefer? I guess my main concern is that baby will get hot if they have microfleece against the bum all of the time.

Re: Pocket diaper inside layer

  • I always preferred the micro fleece. It's soft and easier to plop solids off IMO. My babies were never to hot with the micro fleece at least not as much as they were in a disposable. 
  • All of our pockets have cotton as the inner liner.  We started have problems getting microfleece clean enough and it started repelling moisture and causing nasty rashes on our girl.  Cotton washes really clean very easily; a bonus is you don't have to be as crazy particular about diaper creams.  :)
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