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Pregnant again

I just found out I'm pregnant after a miscarriage 3 months ago. I'm still a bit worried about this pregnancy but I'm trying to be positive. 

Re: Pregnant again

  • Congrats! Don't stress yourself out, ride along and see where it goes <3

  • Thanks! Trying to stay positive but I still don't really have any symptoms (didn't last time either)
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  • I found out this 2nd time at 6 months along, had no symptoms and didn't know til she moved lol just got a bump really too and I'm due in a week and a half. Just hang in there :)

  • Thanks! Congrats on your little one too.
  • I would feel that same concern if it were me. Trying to let go of that memory might take some time and want to come back to invade your thoughts. Have you been able to ask your doctor all your questions? Once you pass the date of your previous loss, you might begin to have some renewed hope that this pregnancy will be different. A mother needs time to sort out her thoughts, so feeling anxious at this stage is your way of coping with the unknown. 

    Pray for comfort and peace during this time. No matter what happens, be assured that God is in control even when we can't comprehend things. Children are the same way; we ask them to trust us when they can't comprehend our decisions. They do not have the ability to understand. We still love them immeasurably though. And that is how we are as children of God. He asks us to trust Him when we can't comprehend why. We do not have the ability to understand why things happen. But He still loves us immeasurably too.

    Go to the peole who love you the most and understand you the most. Pour out every detail you need to talk about. Talking can help release some of the pressure. I hope and pray things work out for you dear momma. I wish I could give you a hug.

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