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Progesterone Headaches

Hey, was wondering if anyone else has gotten really awful headaches from progesterone? Mine are borderline migraine but do go away with Tylenol and rest. I also feel nauseous as hell, more so than before I take the 200 mg pill. I asked my doctor for a lower script to take gradually a couple times a day, hoping that will help, but won't get a response on that until Tuesday. For now, I'm thinking about going on strike or taking it before bed so I'll be sleeping when the headache strikes. 

Re: Progesterone Headaches

  • Are you sure the headaches are from progesterone? I get terrible headaches from pregnancy. Haven't started progesterone this go around (start tomorrow actually) but last pregnancy i didn't notice a difference before and after progesterone. 
  • I did the first couple of days I took it and then it went away. I don't get them anymore
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  • Mine also went away after 2 weeks and changing my dosage to 100mg twice a day rather than 200mg in one shot. Pregnancy hormones do cause headaches. My doctor said it could just be that and not the progesterone, it's hard to tell. 
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