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Pregnant after a Loss

I'm back just 3months after a loss.

I was so excited when I found out last August I was pregnant. It was the perfect timing for a teacher. I was due on my dad's birthday but sadly lost my baby on my sister's birthday just about  8weeks in. I was not planning to try again until the summer but discovered just four days ago that I am pregnant again. I'm hoping this one sticks but I am still worried. 

Re: I'm back just 3months after a loss.

  • Welcome and congrats on the bfp. Take a deep breath! You're not alone in your worry. I was pregnant again a really short time after loss too and it can be terrifying. Fingers crossed for you that this baby sticks! Are you going to see your doc for early labs or ultrasound soon? 
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  • Welcome back and congratulations! 
  • I understand how you would be worried.  Try to focus on the joys of pregnancy so there is no time for worry to creep in.  I wish you and your family many blessings!
  • The same situation happened to me - I had no intention of getting pregnant again so quickly but this little miracle I'm carrying had a different idea. I'm sending T&P that this is a STICKY baby for you! 
  • Hi everyone, I'm back again after a 2nd MC (both in 2016)...just got my BFP so hoping for a miracle this time around...
    Me: 30 DH: 32
    BFP#1: 9/9/2014 DS born 4/7/15
    BFP#2: 6/16/2016 MC/D&C: 7/29/2016
    BFP#3: 10/14/2016 (fingers crossed for a sticky bean)
  • @Dobrovolskaya welcome back and congrats. Praying for a sticky bean and your rainbow. 
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    Angel 6/7/16
    Rainbow (DD) 4/9/17
  • Congrats on the happy news! I miscarried at 6 weeks back in November (also miscarried 3 years ago also around the 6 week mark).  We were giving it one more shot since I'm already year 40 years old.  Just got my BFP today, but so hard to be excited. Sending you lots of prayers. Hope we both stick around for the long haul ;
  • Praying for you and your rainbow baby, @ali76 - keep us updated! 
  • Same here, mc back in October, got my BFP last week, and too scared to get my hopes up but trying to stay positive 
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  • I am the same as you, pregnant again three months after our loss. I am trying to be excited but I honestly don't want to get too excited again... Not that it would hurt any less... But once we get to even 10 weeks I will be MUCH more hopeful! 
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  • I'm in the same situation as you. I got pregnant in late August and lost the baby in the middle of November after having a silent miscarriage. Just got a BFP two days ago, I'm excited but extremely nervous. I'll be praying that this pregnancy sticks for you! Best of luck 
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