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Happy New Year

Just wanted to wish everyone a happy new year! I hope this year is a happy and healthy one for all. Anddd I can't believe our LOs will be 1 this month! A year sure did go by fast. 

Re: Happy New Year

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    Happy New year!  Our birthday party invitations came in the mail yesterday.  I still can't believe how fast it's gone.  Now, if only he would start sleeping through the night...
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    nackie said:
     Now, if only he would start sleeping through the night...
    Agreed. This "no sleep" stuff was so much easier in high school and college...
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    Happy new year! I can't believe it's "birthday month" either...just wow! Only one week until my little turns one!!! 
    I can totally relate about the sleeping. We're up a lot.  It probably doesn't help that she is cutting her one year molars. I actually found she had three teeth starting to cut through her gums just today, I can feel the little ridges. This mama needs sleep!
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