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Opinions on "NannyPay" or payroll services?

Hi all, had been using Intuit Household Employee payroll for the past couple years, but they're terminating the service as of Dec 31.  As I look around at alternatives, I'm finding they are getting stupidly expensive; $50-$100/mo or more, to basically file a few tax forms and do direct deposit.  I'm looking at the $150/year NannyPay software which seems to do all the relevant tax forms for you, but you're required to do the actual filing of them, which isn't that big a deal.  Curious if anyone has used it and has any likes/dislikes?

Alternatively, if there's a good payroll service out there in the $30/mo range, that does everything, let me know, but I haven't been able to find any now that Intuit is going away.

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