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My son is almost 2 and well I hate the baby book I got for him when he was born. I am a working mom who has little time to sit down and fill out lengthy pages about my son. I feel so guilty when months have past by and I have not updated his baby book. 

I am looking for a new one that might be a little more busy mom friendly, more fill in the blank type stuff. A friend was talking about a baby book she had where it grew with the child to adulthood and had things like "first poster on the wall" "first kiss" "first date". I would like to find the book if anyone knows the name of it! I love the concept of the book being passed down onto my son when he is a little older for him to fill out as well!

Flood me with what you think are the best baby book! :)

Re: Baby Books!

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    Honestly, I think baby books are good in theory but difficult to follow through with.  And as an adult, I've probably looked at my own baby book once or twice in my whole life.  

    Instead of a baby book, could you create a digital scrapbook?  There are a lot of sites that specialize in this and as the years pass, you could just create additional pages to include the categories you listed above.
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    I use an app called Lifecake. I can upload pictures and videos and invite friends and family to join so that they can view and upload pictures they take. I think they're associated with Kodak or Cannon so that in the future I could create a baby book if I wanted. But I like that it automatically tracks how old my daughter is in the photo/video and I can share with people in a more private and controlled environment than facebook.
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